Document ReferenceNe 5 R 11/4-11/4/2
TitleIncomplete estate book for the estates [mostly Nottinghamshire] [under the 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne] [with enclosure]; 1916-1925 [with gaps]
Extent1 volume [and 2 ff]
Content DescriptionOn pp 1-10, there are details relating to the farms and small holdings of the Clumber Estate; entries are arranged by tenant; in each case, the total area of holdings is given, then the amount held in any or all of the following: Babworth, Barnby Moor, Bevercotes, Bothamsall, East Markham, Elkesley, Gamston, Haughton, Markham Clinton, Tuxford, Walesby, West Drayton, and Wellow and Weston.

Total details of rent are then given for every tenant; those in black refer to land subject to the former rent charge payable to the late Dowager Duchess of Newcastle [Henrietta Adela Hope], and those in red to lands not subject; occasional additions and corrections have been made throughout in pencil.

On p 9, there is a summary of the previous information, with additional notes relating to Morton Hill Farm and a field in Eaton; p 10 mentions cottages, gardens, woodlands, water, roads, and the land in hand, and reconciles information with the estate terriers to prove the areas.

Following this section of the volume, pages are lettered; from pp A-F, entries are made in pencil for the same places as listed above [though there is no indication that they relate solely to farms and small holdings]; there is a note of annual rent, and glebe rents, and p F provides a summary of information and includes details similar to those of p 10.

Pages G-P are written in ink and pencil; on p G, there are details of the quantity of different types of lands, such as allotments and water, in 'Clumber Park' [including Babworth, Carburton, Elkesley, Welbeck, and Worksop], and in Cromwell, Holme, and North Muskham; p H provides similar information for Worksop parish, excluding Clumber Park, and including Worksop, Thorpe Salvin, and Whitwell.

From pp J-M, there is a list of entries relating to agricultural tenancies, arranged by tenant; in each case, the total area of holdings is given, then the amount held in any or all of the following: Worksop and Shireoaks, Thorpe Salvin, and Whitwell; some notes and remarks have been made, and total rents for individual tenants have been noted.

On pp M and N, there is a record relating to allotment gardens and sundry tenancies in Worksop and Shireoaks, Thorpe Salvin, and Whitwell, displaying the area of various holdings.

There is a summary of details concerning Worksop parish on p P, presented in the same way as p H; Ne 5 R 11/4/1-11/4/2 are enclosed as found at this page, and provide a summary of areas of types of holdings in Worksop alone.

In the rest of the volume, there are some pencilled entries of names of tenants and quantities of land; unfortunately, headings by which to identify the information are lacking.

There is no one date for the volume, and the range given here is based on references throughout; the summary on p 9 is dated to Lady Day 1916, information on pp G-H to January 1923 [revised August 1923], pp J-P are dated from April 1923 to September 1924, and the enclosure Ne 5 R 11/4/1-11/4/2 includes a date of 17 October 1925.

The predominance of pencilled entries suggest that the volume is incomplete; it is also worth noting that few pages appear to be missing or mis-numbered.
Termestate business, accounts
estate business, tenants, Nottinghamshire
estate business, rents, Nottinghamshire
gardens, Nottinghamshire
estate business, cottages, Nottinghamshire
estate business, gardens, Nottinghamshire
roads, Nottinghamshire
estate business, plantations, Nottinghamshire
estate business, glebe rents, Nottinghamshire
plantations, Nottinghamshire
gardens, allotments, Nottinghamshire
estate business, allotments, Nottinghamshire
estate business, Clumber Estate (Nottinghamshire)
agriculture, Nottinghamshire

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA10398Clinton; Henrietta Adela Pelham- (1843-1913); Duchess of Newcastle under Lyne; née Hope; m 6th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne 1861; m 2ndly Rev. T. Hohler 18801843-1913
NA993Clinton; Henry P.A.D. Pelham- (1864-1928); 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne; succ. 1879; known as 'Linny'1864-1928
PL23091/Thorpe Salvin/Yorkshire/England
PL901/North Muskham/Nottinghamshire/England
PL9685/Barnby Moor/Nottinghamshire/England
PL16402/Markham East/Nottinghamshire/England
PL1066/Markham Clinton/Nottinghamshire/England
PL16368/West Drayton/Nottinghamshire/England
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