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TitleBiographical notes on the family of John and Charlotte Denison by Mrs C. Denison; n.d. [1846]
Date1846 (c)
Extent2 ff
Content DescriptionGives brief biographical details about the children of John and Charlotte Denison; includes details on John Denison's children by his first wife and on the Estwick family.

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA9006Estwick; Samuel (c.1736-1795); Mr; M.P. grandfather of J.E. Denisonc.1736-1795
NA203Denison; John (c.1759-1820); previously Wilkinson; father of J.E. Denisonc.1759-1820
NA8678Des Voeux; Julia G. (1798-1872); Mrs; sister of J.E. Denison1798-1872
NA199Denison; J. Evelyn (1800-1873); 1st Viscount Ossington; M.P. Speaker of House of Commons 1857-72 created Viscount Ossington 18721800-1873
NA1016Scott; Charlotte (1806-1889); Viscountess Ossington; née Cavendish-Bentinck m 1827 J.E. Denison Viscount Ossington1806-1889
NA8625Denison; Edward (1801-1854); Bishop of Salisbury; brother of J.E. Denison1801-1854
NA9007Denison; Louisa M. (-1841); Mrs; née Ker Seymer 1st wife Edward Denison-1841
NA9008Seymer; Henry (1782-1834); Mr; Ker-Seymer after 1830 father of L.M. Denison1782-1834
NA1045Bentinck; William H. Cavendish-Scott- (1768-1854); 4th Duke of Portland; styled Marquess of Titchfield 1768-18091768-1854
NA8621Denison; Edward (1840-1870); Mr; philanthropist; nephew of J.E. Denison1840-1870
NA215Denison; Louisa E. (1841-1919); daughter of E. Denison1841-1919
NA8626Denison; Clementina (-1894); Mrs; née Baillie-Hamilton 2nd wife of Edward Denison-1894
NA8622Hamilton; Charlotte Baillie- (-1866); Lady; mother of Clementina Denison-1866
NA9009Hamilton; Charles Baillie- (1764-1820); Rev.; archdeacon of Cleveland father of Clementina Denison1764-1820
NA8600Denison; Louisa C. (1802-1805); Miss; sister of J.E. Denison1802-1805
NA207Denison; William T. (1804-1871); Sir; colonial governor brother of J.E. Denison knighted 18461804-1871
NA208Denison; Caroline L. (1818-1899); Lady Denison; née Hornby wife of William T. Denison1818-1899
NA209Denison; William E. (1843-1916); Captain; son of W.T. Denison1843-1916
NA210Denison; Frank G. (1844-); son of W.T. Denison1844-
NA8694Denison; Mary C. (1839-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1839-
NA8694Denison; Mary C. (1839-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1839-
NA8698Breeks; Susan M. (1841-); Mrs; daughter of W.T. Denison1841-
NA1017Denison; George A. (1805-1896); Rev.; archdeacon of Taunton 1851 brother of J.E. Denison1805-1896
NA8652Denison; Georgiana (1819-1908); Mrs; née Henley wife of G.A. Denison1819-1908
NA9010Denison; Frederick R. (1807-1808); Mr; brother of J.E. Denison1807-1808
NA8658Jacob; Henrietta S. (1808-1860); Mrs; née Denison sister of J.E. Denison1808-1860
NA9011Jacob; John H. (-1862); Mr; of The Close Salisbury Wiltshire-1862
NA8650Denison; Henry (1810-1858); Mr; barrister brother of J.E. Denison1810-1858
NA8661Denison; Stephen C. (1811-1871); Mr; barrister brother of J.E. Denison1811-1871
NA9012Denison; Susan A.F. (-1878); Mrs; née Fellowes wife of Stephen Denison-1878
NA8832Denison; Frank (1813-1843); Lieutenant; brother of J.E. Denison1813-1843
NA8657Phillimore; Charlotte A. (1813-1892); Lady Phillimore; née Denison sister of J.E. Denison1813-1892
NA6380Phillimore; Robert J. (1810-1885); 1st Baronet; judge1810-1885
NA216Denison; Alfred R. (1816-1887); brother and private secretary to J.E. Denison1816-1887
NA8688Denison; Charles A. (1819-1877); Lieutenant-Colonel; brother of J.E. Denison1819-1877
NA8548Sutton; L.M. Charlotte Manners- (-1815); Mrs; née Denison; 1st wife of Viscount Canterbury-1815
NA8547Smith; A. Matilda (1792-); Mrs; née Denison half-sister to J.E. Denison1792-
NA9013Sutton; Charles Manners- (1780-1845); 1st Viscount Canterbury; Speaker of the House of Commons 1817-35 brother-in-law of J.E. Denison1780-1845
NA8638Sutton; John H.T. Manners- (1814-1877); 3rd Viscount Canterbury; M.P. 1841-471814-1877
NA9014Sutton; Charles J. Manners- (1812-1869); 2nd Viscount Canterbury; nephew of J.E. Denison1812-1869
NA9015Des Voeux; Henry (1786-1857); Rev.; brother-in-law of J.E. Denison1786-1857
NA9016Sanderson; Charlotte M. (1815-1898); Lady; née Manners-Sutton niece of J.E. Denison1815-1898
NA7900Denison; Charlotte (-1859); Mrs; née Estwick; wife of John Denison; mother of J. Evelyn Denison-1859
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