Document ReferenceWLC/LM/6
TitleRomances and fabliaux; 1200-1250
Extent351 ff
Access ConditionsAccess to the original volume is restricted; microfilm or digital surrogates can be made available in the Reading Room. No use of own camera except for binding fragments which are wrapped separately in the phase box.
Content DescriptionThe volume is imperfect and has been conserved and rebound. It contains 18 stories, including six French romances:

Benoît de Sainte-Maure 'Roman de Troie' (ff.1-156);
Gautier d'Arras, 'Ille et Galeron' (ff.157-187);
Heldris de Cornuälle, 'Le Roman de Silence' (ff.188-223);
Part of the 'Roman d'Alixandre' (ff.224-243v);
'La Chanson d'Aspremont' (ff.244v-303v);
Raoul de Houdenc 'La Vengeance Raguidel' (ff.304-335v);

It also contains 12 other stories, mostly fabliaux, including seven by Gautier le Leu and a fragment by Marie de France (ff.336-345v, plus six leaves bound at the front of the volume and numbered a-f, but which properly belong after f.345).

The texts are described separately, under their folio numbers.

The texts are illustrated by 83 miniatures depicting knights on horseback and other scenes and grotesques.

The manuscript appears to have been brought to England in the 15th century, possibly following the looting of the chateau de Laval in 1428. On f. 249v is written, 'C'est lieure est Madame dela val'. On the last page (f 345v), in a later, 15th-century hand, is the name of 'John Bertrem de Thorp Kilton' (Kilton Thorpe in the North Riding). He died without heirs in 1471.

Dating is based on the most recent catalogue description: beginning of the 13th century (Reference: The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts), with recent work by Alison Stones suggesting the first quarter of the century (Reference: Alison Stones, 'Two French Manuscripts: WLC/LM/6 and WLC/LM/7', in The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts)

Previously Mi LM 6
Publication NoteReference: Historical Manuscripts Commission, Report on the Manuscripts of Lord Middleton Preserved at Wollaton Hall, Nottinghamshire, compiled by W.H. Stevenson (London, 1911), pp. 221-236; Image and Text, p. [11]; The Wollaton Medieval Manuscripts
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