Document ReferencePw A 163/1-2
TitleLetter in French from François de Gaultier de St Blancard, London, to William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland; 9 Aug. 1697
Date9 August 1697
Extent4 ff
Content DescriptionReports that news has come from Holland that the king [William III] is at Breda, set for Dieren, and that he [Portland] was well received at the Hague; refers to a number of letters, particularly one which praises Portland's success in the negotiations with Boufflers; notes the opinion that the two kings [William and Louis XIV] are content; states that Portland would be well received in England, and if, like last year, he came only to request more money it would be willingly granted so he could return and complete his great work of peace; it is thought that the final conclusion of peace waits only on the emperor's response and even Spain is content with what Portland has negotiated.

His [Portland's] friends would like to see him return in advance of the king - anticipates greater numbers at his house than on the occasion of naval victory of La Hogue; says he will get public acclaim for his role in the negotiations if he returns at present, but if he comes with the king, all the acclaim will go to him - 'le soleil fait eclipser les etoiles, et cela est juste'.

Notes his concern that there is too much joy at the idea that peace is as good as concluded - this suggests that they were not in position to continue the war; the king makes no statement without the agreement of the allies, who all need to be treated sensitively; after the peace he will form them into a strong union - necessary to Europe and particularly to England, so that King James and his successors will never be assisted by France, either directly or indirectly.

Reports that news of the peace is reflected in an increase in bank shares from 60 to 72 and a decrease in the price of banknotes to 6 or 7.

Admiral Almonde has informed him that he is returning to sea; confirms that he gave him the packet from Portland.

Reports on the progress of the Duke of St Albans' son, who was bitten by a rabid dog.

Notes that Lords Feversham, Arran and others are concerned at how the French ambassador at Constantinople will extricate himself regarding the peace and the attendant complications of Christians and Turks.

States that he is asking the Treasury to arrange to provide lottery tickets on malt, to the value of the arrears due to the Landgrave of Hesse [20,000 coins], following approval by the king; is concerned that nothing has been delivered so far, although the lottery is due to be drawn in ten days' time.

Encloses a gazette which has limited news of sea ports and a few small seizures.

Reports that the Jacobites are upset by the peace - letters leaving them in little doubt that King James will be forced to leave France, as he and his brother were forced to do formerly.

Notes that he has been informed by Mr LionCrone [Leyoncrona] that despite Mr Trambal's [Trumbull] statement to the admiralty judge, two Swedish ships have been judged and unjustly condemned, and he hopes the Committee of the Council will take this into consideration.

Dating on letter 'le 9 aout/30 Juillet 1697 Vendredi'.
Termdiplomacy, negotiations, Ryswick 1697
currency, value of
financial affairs, stocks and shares
economy, England
medical conditions, rabies
diplomacy, with Spain 1697
diplomacy, with France 1697
maritime vessels, Swedish
treaties, Ryswick 1697

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA30360Boufflers; Louis François de (1644-1711); Duke of Boufflers; French general and major negotiator for the Treaty of Ryswick 1697; marshal of France 16831644-1711
NA1083William III (1650-1702); King of England Scotland and Ireland1650-1702
NA15001James II (1633-1701); King of England Scotland and Ireland; succ. 1685; also styled Duke of York1633-1701
NA30204Almonde; Philip van (1644-1711); Admiral; Dutch1644-1711
NA30400Hamilton; James Douglas- (1658-1712); 4th Duke of Hamilton; styled Earl of Arran until 1698; the titles had remained with his mother since 1694 - she resigned them in his favour 16981658-1712
NA30374Leyoncrona; Christoffer (-1710); -; secretary of the Swedish legation in the Netherlands 1691; resident ambassador 1697; Swedish envoy in London from 1703-1710
NA29199Trumbull; William (1639-1716); Sir; Secretary of State; knighted 16841639-1716
NA30050Hesse; Charles (1654-1730); Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel; succ. 16701654-1730
NA30402Beauclerk; Charles (1670-1726); 1st Duke of St Albans; cr. 1684; illegitimate son of Charles II1670-1726
NA19426Beauclerk; Charles (-1751); 2nd Duke of St Albans; Lord of the Bedchamber-1751
NA30403Durfort; Louis de (c.1640-1709); 2nd Earl of Feversham; succeeded 1676; formerly styled 'Louis de Duras'; commanded troops of James IIc.1640-1709
NA30352Saint Blancard; François de Gaultier de (fl 1690-1697); possibly the French protestant exile François Gaultier; d 1703; represented the Elector of Brandenburgfl 1690-1697
NA1043Bentinck; H. William (1649-1709); 1st Earl of Portland; diplomat and adviser of William of Orange; alias Hans Willem1649-1709
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