Document ReferenceOs C 53
TitleLetter concerning Cobden Tribute Fund, London, to J.E. Denison; 1 June 1865
Date1 June 1865
Extent4 ff
Content DescriptionConsists of circular letter containing details of trust fund set up by friends of Richard Cobden after his death and includes comprehensive list of contributors to fund.

F 3 and f 4 list contributors and is marked 'Strictly Private and Confidential'.

Autograph note by J.E. Denison on f 2v refers to loan of monies to Richard Cobden and relates to Os C 51.

Individual authors write collectively as 'Cobden Tribute Fund'.
Termfinancial affairs, Cobden Tribute Fund
political movements, Anti-Corn Law League
financial affairs, loans
political relations
legal business, trusts

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA9524Bass and Company; brewers
NA9525J. and J. Colman, London
NA9526Rathbone Brothers and Company
NA9527Ralli Brothers
NA9528William Baird and Company of Glasgow
NA9529Samuel Hodgkinson and Company
NA9530James Dilworth and Son, Manchester
NA9531John Shaw and Sons
NA9532William Graham and Company of Glasgow
NA70949James Finlay and Company Limited ; traders and merchants
NA9534Stern Brothers, London
NA9535George Holt and Company, Liverpool
NA9536John Brogden and Sons, Manchester
NA9537John Crossley and Sons
NA9538Pilkington Brothers
NA1900Cobden; Richard (1804-1865); Mr; statesman1804-1865
NA9523Paget; Charles (1799-1873); Mr; M.P. for Ruddington Nottinghamshire 1856-651799-1873
NA9539Lees; Nathan (fl 1865); Mr; of Duckinfieldfl 1865
NA9540Hadfield; George (1787-1879); Mr; M.P. 1852-74 founder Anti-Corn Law League1787-1879
NA9220Mason; Hugh (1820-1886); Mr; M.P. 1880-85 cotton manufacturer1820-1886
NA9541Ashton; Thomas (1818-1898); Mr; cotton manufacturer1818-1898
NA9542Thomasson; Thomas (1808-1876); Mr1808-1876
NA9543Pennington; Frederick (1819-1914); Mr; M.P. 1874-851819-1914
NA9544Leese; Joseph F. (1845-1914); 1st Baronet; M.P. 1892-93 recorder of Manchester1845-1914
NA9545Platt; Robert (fl 1865); Mr; of Stalybridgefl 1865
NA9546Morley; Samuel (1809-1886); Mr; M.P. and textile manufacturer1809-1886
NA9547Christy; Henry (1810-1865); Mr; banker fellow Royal Society1810-1865
NA9548Moffatt; George (1810-1878); Mr; M.P. and merchant1810-1878
NA2361Potter; Thomas B. (1817-1898); Mr; Radical M.P.1817-1898
NA9549Leaf; William (c.1791-1874); Mr; warehouseman of Streathamc.1791-1874
NA6435Peto; Samuel M. (1809-1889); 1st Baronet; contractor and M.P.1809-1889
NA42058Seely; Charles (1833-1915); 1st Baronet; cr. 1896; of Sherwood Lodge, Arnold; M.P. 1869-1874 and 1880-1885; chairman of GHN Monthly Board1833-1915
NA9551Morison; Charles (fl 1865); Mr; of Basildon Park Readingfl 1865
NA7096Brassey; Thomas (1805-1870); Mr; railway contractor1805-1870
NA6438Rothschild; Lionel N. de (1808-1879); Baron Rothschild; banker1808-1879
NA9552Locke; - (fl 1865); Mrs; of Lowndes Squarefl 1865
NA9553Steiner; F. (fl 1865); Mr; of Accringtonfl 1865
NA9554Goldsmid; Francis H. (1808-1878); 2nd Baronet; M.P. 1860-78 and Q.C.1808-1878
NA9555Ryley; T.C. (fl 1865); Mr; of Wiganfl 1865
NA9556Cheetham; John (1802-1886); Mr; M.P. and manufacturer1802-1886
NA9557Stuart; Robert (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9558Paulton; Abraham W. (1812-1876); Mr; editor 'Manchester Times'1812-1876
NA9559Hargreaves; William (fl 1865); Mr; of Hyde Parkfl 1865
NA9560Armitage; Elkanah (1794-1876); Sir; mayor Manchester 1846-481794-1876
NA9561Crossley; James (1800-1883); Mr; manufacturer1800-1883
NA9562Ashburner; George (fl 1865); Mr; of Crawley Sussexfl 1865
NA9563Schuster; Leo (1791-1871); Mr; merchant banker and railway chairman1791-1871
NA9564Thomas; George (fl 1865); Mr; of Bristolfl 1865
NA9565Morrison; Walter (1836-1921); Mr; M.P.1836-1921
NA9566Schwann; Frederick (fl 1865); Mr; Huddersfield merchantfl 1865
NA9567Tennant; John (fl 1865); Mr; of Glasgowfl 1865
NA9568Maxwell; William Stirling- (1818-1878); 9th Baronet; M.P. historical writer and agriculturist succeeded 18651818-1878
NA1897Forster; William E. (1818-1886); Mr; Liberal M.P.1818-1886
NA9570Reiss; James (fl 1865); Mr; of Oak Hill Manchesterfl 1865
NA9571Heywood; Benjamin (1793-1865); 1st Baronet; M.P. and Manchester banker1793-1865
NA9572Heywood; Oliver (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9573Fildes; John (1811-1875); Mr; M.P. 1865-681811-1875
NA9221Rawson; Henry (-1879); Mr; proprietor 'Morning Star'-1879
NA9574Crook; Joseph (1809-1884); Mr; cotton manufacturer M.P. Bolton1809-1884
NA9575Cooke; John (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9576Worthington; James (1817-1887); Mr; Manchester merchant1817-1887
NA9577Woods; Henry (1822-1882); Mr; M.P. and cotton manufacturer1822-1882
NA9578Dufour; Arles (fl 1865); Monsieur; of Parisfl 1865
NA9579Evans; William (fl 1865); Mr; of Londonfl 1865
NA9580Heywood; Robert (fl 1865); Mr; of Boltonfl 1865
NA9581Foster; George (fl 1865); Mr; of Sadben Lancashirefl 1865
NA9582Stuart; John (1798-1878); Mr; Manchester banker1798-1878
NA9583Grafton; Frederick W. (1816-1890); Mr; M.P. 1880-85 calico printer1816-1890
NA9584Henry; John S. (1824-1896); Mr; M.P. 1868-74 cotton exporter1824-1896
NA2414Watkin; Edward W. (1819-1901); 1st Baronet; M.P. 1864-95 created 18801819-1901
NA9585Souchay; Charles (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9586Heywood; J. Pemberton (1803-1877); Mr; Liverpool banker1803-1877
NA9587Henry; Mitchell (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9588Whitworth; William (fl 1865); Mr; of Halifaxfl 1865
NA9589Whitworth; Joseph (1803-1887); 1st Baronet; created 1869; arms manufacturer1803-1887
NA9590Potter; Edmund (1802-1883); Mr; M.P.1802-1883
NA9591Jeffrey; J.R. (fl 1865); Mr; of Liverpoolfl 1865
NA9592Winterbottom; Archibald (1841-1884); Mr; Manchester manufacturer1841-1884
NA9593Salt; Titus (1803-1876); Sir; manufacturer1803-1876
NA9594Blochet; J.M. Durault (fl 1865); Monsieur; of Sautenay Cote D'Orfl 1865
NA9595Ewing; Archibald O. (1818-1893); 1st Baronet; M.P. dyer and printer created 18861818-1893
NA9596Bischoffesheim; Henry L. (1829-1908); Mr; of London1829-1908
NA9597Morgan; Junius S. (1813-1890); Mr; American merchant1813-1890
NA9598Borthwick; Cunninghame B. (1813-1885); 19th Baron Borthwick; right to title admitted 1870 stock broker1813-1885
NA9599Ewart; Joseph C. (1799-1868); Mr; M.P. and merchant founded Peninsular and Oriental Shipping Company1799-1868
NA9219Buckley; Nathaniel (1821-1892); Mr; M.P. 1871-74 cotton manufacturer1821-1892
NA9600Spencer; Joseph (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9601Jones; B.H. (fl 1865); Mr; of Liverpoolfl 1865
NA9602Duignan; William (fl 1865); Mr; of Wallsallfl 1865
NA9603Walmisley; Edward (1819-1894); Mr; parliamentary agent1819-1894
NA9604Chadwick; John (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9605Dornbusch; G. (fl 1865); Mr; of Londonfl 1865
NA9606Mackie; Ivie (1805-1873); Mr; mayor of Manchester 1857-601805-1873
NA9607Seeley; Charles (1803-1887); Mr; M.P. Lincoln 1847-48 and 1861-851803-1887
NA9608Finney; F.A. (fl 1865); Mr; of Manchesterfl 1865
NA9609Smith; John B. (1794-1879); Mr; M.P. 1852-74 cotton merchant1794-1879
NA9610Jackson; William (1805-1876); 1st Baronet; M.P. and industrialist created 18761805-1876
NA9611Padmore; Richard (1789-1881); Mr; M.P. 1860-68 Worcester banker1789-1881
NA9612Crum; Walter (1796-1867); Mr; scientific chemist and calico manufacturer1796-1867
NA9613Platt; John T. (1817-1872); Mr; M.P. Oldham 1865-72 manufacturer1817-1872
NA9614Philips; Mark (1800-1873); Mr; M.P. Manchester 1832-471800-1873
NA9615Philips; Robert N. (1815-1890); Mr; M.P. and manufacturer1815-1890
NA9616Watts; James (1804-1878); Sir; merchant; mayor of Manchester 1855-18571804-1878
NA9617Whitworth; Benjamin (1816-1893); Mr; M.P. and cotton manufacturer1816-1893
NA9618Glyn; George C. (1797-1873); 1st Baron Wolverton; M.P. and banker created 18691797-1873
NA9619Ackroyd; Edward (1810-1887); Colonel; M.P. 1857-59 and 1865-741810-1887
NA9521Gladstone; Robertson (1805-1875); Mr; brother of W.E. Gladstone1805-1875
NA9620Dalglish; Robert (1808-1880); Mr; M.P. 1857-74 calico printer1808-1880
NA9621Ashworth; Henry (1794-1880); Mr; founder Anti-Corn Law League1794-1880
NA9622Bazley; Thomas (1797-1885); 1st Baronet; M.P. Manchester 1858-80 manufacturer1797-1885
NA9548Moffatt; George (1810-1878); Mr; M.P. and merchant1810-1878
NA923Bright; John (1811-1889); statesman and orator1811-1889
NA9542Thomasson; Thomas (1808-1876); Mr1808-1876
NA9221Rawson; Henry (-1879); Mr; proprietor 'Morning Star'-1879
NA199Denison; J. Evelyn (1800-1873); 1st Viscount Ossington; M.P. Speaker of House of Commons 1857-72 created Viscount Ossington 18721800-1873
NA16185Evans; George De Lacy- (1787-1870); Sir; General; commonly known as Sidney; wounded in Crimea; M.P.1787-1870
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