Document ReferenceNe D 4153-4154
TitleMortgage in fee by lease and release from Henry Willoughby to Thomas Norcliffe of the manor of Walkeringham, and property in Walkeringham and Misterton, Nottinghamshire, and subsequent assignment; 19-20 Aug. 1752
Date19 August 1752-20 August 1752
Extent4 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Henry Willoughby, esquire of Birdsall, Yorkshire, eldest son and heir of Thomas Willoughby, deceased and his wife Elizabeth, also deceased, who was the daughter of Thomas Sowtheby [later 5th Baron Middleton].

Second Party: Francis, Lord Middleton [2nd Baron Middleton], of Wollerton [Wollaton], Nottinghamshire.

Third Party: Thomas Norcliffe, esquire of Langton, Yorkshire.

Fourth Party: William Stables, esquire of York.

Fifth Party: Francis Willoughby and Rothwell Willoughby, both of Liverpool, being the younger sons of Thomas Willoughby and brothers of (1).

In consideration of £1666. paid to each of (5), by (3) with the consent of (1) and (2), and in further consideration of a sum of £668. paid to (1) by (3), lease [Ne D 4153] and release [Ne D 4154] from (1) to (3) of the manor house of Walkeringham, Nottinghamshire together with all messuages, lands, tenements and other property lying in Walkeringham and Misterton; specific details of the property are provided such as names of tenants, field acreages, and yearly rents; (5) release all their title and interest in the property to (3); includes provisions for the repayment of the principal sum and interest, with specified payment dates.

Further witnesses that in consideration of the sum of £4000., assignment from (2), with the consent of (1), (3) and (5), to (4) all the property described above; property is to be held for the residue of the term of 600 years in trust for (3) to attend the inheritance; includes expected covenants.

Consideration: £4000..

Recitals: (a) details of a lease and release dated 26-27 Aug. 1719; (b) fact that Thomas Willoughby and his wife Elizabeth are now both deceased, leaving their eldest son (1), and 6 younger children, who are entitled to the sum of £10,000 to be raised out of two terms of 600 years; (c) details of a lease and release dated 10-11 Feb. 1752 [see Ne D 4150-4151]; (d) fact that Thomas Lutton is now dead, and that (2) is the only surviving trustee; (e) (5) have both now reached their majority and have applied to (1) to have their fortunes charged on the said terms, and (1) has applied to (3) to advance him the sum of £4000. to pay the due fortunes, and has agreed to mortgage the premises conveyed to (3) as security for repayment with interest.

Dated 19-20 Aug. 26 George II 1752.
Termestate business, conveyances, Walkeringham (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, conveyances, Misterton (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Walkeringham (Nottinghamshire)
financial affairs, mortgages, Walkeringham (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, assignments, Walkeringham (Nottinghamshire)
Physical DescriptionSix applied seals - red wax

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA7860Willoughby; Henry (1726-1800); 5th Baron Middleton; succeeded 17811726-1800
NA50496Norcliffe; Thomas (fl 1752-1759); Mr; esquire; of Langton Yorkshirefl 1752-1759
NA50497Stables; William (fl 1752-1759); Mr; esquire; of Yorkfl 1752-1759
NA50498Willoughby; Francis (1727-); son of Thomas Willoughby; brother of 5th Baron Middleton; merchant; of Liverpool1727-
NA50499Willoughby; Rothwell (fl 1752-1759); son of Thomas Willoughby; brother of 5th Baron Middleton; merchant; of Liverpoolfl 1752-1759
NA25396Willoughby; Thomas (1694-1742); Mr; son of 1st Baron Middleton; M.P. Cambridge University 1720-1727; Tamworth 1727-1734; lord of the manor of Walkeringham Notts1694-1742
NA50488Willoughby; Elizabeth (pre 1752); Mrs; née Southby; dau. of Thomas Southby esquire of Birdsall, Yorkshire; wife of Thomas Willoughbypre 1752
NA38853Willoughby; Francis (1692-1758); 2nd Baron Middleton; succ. 1729; son of 1st Baron Middleton; MP of Wollaton Nottinghamshire1692-1758
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