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TitleCopy probate of the will and codicil of Orbell Ray Oakes esq. of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk [deceased]; 12 Aug. 1837 [copy dated 8 Jun. 1839]
Date12 August 1837
8 June 1839
Extent8 ff
Content DescriptionDirects that all his plate, paintings, books and china of every description shall be part of his estate at Nowton [Suffolk] and be enjoyed as such, as heirlooms.

Devises all those manors and reputed manors of Nowton and Little Whelnetham, lately purchased of the Marquess of Bristol with all rights and appurtenances; also devises all his freehold and copyhold estates in Nowton, Little Whelnetham, Great Whelnetham, Hawstead, Hawkedon, Stansfield, Glemsford, Boxtead, Depden, Wickhambrook, Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds [all in Suffolk], together with the manor of Thurston to his eldest son Henry James Oakes for life and after the determination of the estate by any means in his lifetime by forfeiture or otherwise, to his nephew Edward Gould and Rev. Henry Hasted during the life of Henry James in trust to preserve the contingent remainders; trust will also allow Henry James and his assigns to receive the rents and profits from the property; after the decease of Henry James property is to be devised to his grandson, James Henry Porteous Oakes, eldest son of Henry James in tail male, but property is to be held in trust by Gould and Hasted if the estate is forfeited; in default of any issue, to the use of his grandson Orbell Plampin Oakes, second son of Henry James in tail male subject to the same trusts and limitations above; in default of any issue to the use of a further grandson, Frederick Aston Oakes for life in tail male; in default of any male issue to all and every the daughters of Henry James Oakes, to be divided equally amongst them as tenants in common.

Charges his estate at Nowton forever with a sum which will yearly purchase 2 tons of coals, to be distributed on every Christmas Eve amongst the most deserving of the poor in the parish of Nowton.

Gives to his second son, Orbell Oakes the sum of £10,000 to be paid 6 months after his decease; gives the sum of £20,00 to Henry James Oakes and Rev. Hasted on trust to invest the money in their names for the purchase of parliamentary stocks or at interest on government or real securities; a further sum of £20,000 is given to Orbell Oakes to invest in the same way to provide further legacies for family members; includes various provisions in case Orbell Oakes should assign or sell the same sum.

Gives to his son Rev. Henry Aston Adamson Oakes all his 'next turn and presentation of in and to the Rectory Parish and Parish Church of Hawstead'; also bequeaths to him the sum of £30,000 to be paid six months after his death; makes further specified legacies to named family members; directs his executors to pay to all his servants who were living with him at the time of his death one years wages.

Desires to be buried in his vault in the parish church of Nowton; residue of estate is devised to his executors once all debts, legacies and charges have been satisfied; estates are to be held by Henry James Oakes as tenant for life and may demise and lease any part, but not to exceed a lease of 12 years; declares that it shall be lawful for Gould and Hasted, at the direction of Henry James Oakes or subsequent tenants for life to convey property in exchange elsewhere in England; upon any exchange it will be lawful for Gould and Hasted to receive any money as part of the exchange; further declaration that any sums of money received for the exchange of property shall be invested by Gould and Hasted in the purchase of further messuages and lands of a clear estate of inheritance in fee simple; provisions made for the investment of any money received in exchange to be invested until property can be bought.

Makes provisions in case either trustee (Gould or Hasted) should die or be unfit to act, for the appointment of new trustees.

Executors: Henry James Oakes and Rev. Henry Hasted.

Includes codicil dated 17 Dec. 1836; appoints Rev. George John Haggitt as a further joint executor of his will and codicil; by his will above the sum of £10,000 was left to each of the 3 younger children of his son Henry James Oakes; to that amount he is adding a further £2000. each so that Orbell Plampin Oakes, Frederick Aston Oakes and Francis Marian Oakes shall each receive £12,000; these legacies are to have the same powers and controls as were specified when the legacies were £10,000.

Endorsed as being a true copy of the original examined on 8 Jun. 1839.
Termfinancial affairs, stocks and shares
manors, Thurston (Suffolk)
manors, Little Whelnetham (Suffolk)
manors, Nowton (Suffolk)
legal business, wills, legacies
legal business, wills, bequests
legal business, wills, Orbell Ray Oakes

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA76214Oakes; Orbell Ray (-1837); Mr; 'esquire'; of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; executor of the will of James Oakes of Bury St Edmunds-1837
NA56066Oakes; Henry J. (fl 1838); Mr; of Bury St Edmunds Suffolkfl 1838
NA56065Hasted; Henry (fl 1838); Rev.; of Bury St Edmunds Suffolkfl 1838
NA76783Gould; Edward (fl 1837); nephew of Orbell Ray Oakesfl 1837
NA76784Oakes; James H.P. (fl 1837); grandson of Orbell Ray Oakesfl 1837
NA76785Oakes; Orbell P. (fl 1837); grandson of Orbell Ray Oakesfl 1837
NA76786Oakes; Frederick A. (fl 1837); grandson of Orbell Ray Oakesfl 1837
NA76787Oakes; Orbell (fl 1837); 2nd son of Orbell Ray Oakesfl 1837
NA76788Oakes; Henry A.A. (fl 1837); Rev.; son of Orbell Ray Oakesfl 1837
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PL99521/Little Whelnetham/Suffolk/England
PL99522/Great Whelnetham/Suffolk/England
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