Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/47/202
TitleAttested copy settlement for the estates of Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk; 26 Dec. 1814 [copy dated 1839]
Date26 December 1814
Extent99 ff
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Charles [Howard, 11th] Duke of Norfolk.

Second Party: Bernard Edward Howard [later 12th Duke of Norfolk].

Third Party: Henry Charles Howard, son of (2) [later 13th Duke of Norfolk].

Fourth Party: George Granville [Sutherland-Leveson-Gower] Marquess of Stafford [later 1st Duke of Sutherland]; and Lady Charlotte Leveson Gower [later wife of (3)].

Fifth Party: William Charles [Keppel, 4th] Earl of Albemarle; and Sir Samuel Romilly.

Sixth Party: Henry Howard, esquire of Corby Castle, Cumberland; and Thomas Wybergh, esquire of Clifton Hall, Westmorland.

Seventh Party: Frederick William [Hervey, 5th] Earl of Bristol [later 1st Marquess of Bristol]; and Sir John Throckmorton of Buckland, Berkshire.

Eighth Party: Rev. Edward [V. Harcourt], Archbishop of York; and John [Campbell, 1st Baron] Cawdor.

Ninth Party: William Francis Henry [Petre, 11th] Baron Petre; and George Granville Leveson Gower, commonly called Earl Gower and Lord Strathnaver [later 2nd Duke of Sutherland].

Tenth Party: George Howard, Lord Viscount Morpeth [later 6th Earl of Carlisle]; and George Petre, esquire of Dunker Hall, Lancashire.

In pursuance of an agreement between (1), (2) and (3) regarding the office of Earl Marshal, declaration that as soon as possible after the intended marriage, they will seek to obtain an act of parliament for vesting and settling the estates to be described in Sussex and Surrey, free from incumbrances and that no right of title or dower will accrue to widows of anyone named as Earl Marshal.

Further witnesses that for the performance of the marriage proposal and the settlement of estates and property in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Norwich; and in consideration of the marriage and for the limiting and settling of the property to several uses on trust, that the property will descend in the Howard family and go along with the title and dignity of Duke of Norfolk; and that (1), (2) and (3) with the approbation of (4) do jointly and separately limit and direct all the property recited in the release dated 26 Nov. [1814] to be protected and remain within the family by several uses and trusts.

Lease [wanting] and release from (1), (2) and (3) with the approbation of (4) to (5) of the following: the reversion in fee simple expected to take effect on the failure of male issue of (1) and the estate, right and title of (2) and (3).

Also of the following property in Sussex: Bramber and Lewes castles; the manors of Bramber, Lewes, Steyning, New Shoreham, Madehurst, King Barnes, Bidlington, Shinglecrosse, Blackhurst, Old Shoreham, Roughey, Warminghurst, Ashington, Chankton, Storrington, Kingsforde, and the manor or reputed manor of Peppering; the manors of Littlehampton and Tottington not vested in the trustees to be sold; the baronry, bailiwick and rape of Bramber with all fines, fees and privileges; the rape of Lewes; the boroughs of Horsham, Steyning, Shoreham and Bramber with all court leets, barons and so on; the clerkship of the market within the boroughs of Bramber and Lewes; property and lands in Bougnor [Bognor Regis], Boufuey, Barsteed, Arundel, Steyning, Hersham [Surrey?], Rusper, Warminghurst, Ashington, Washington, Weston [Surrey?], Bunckton [Buncton], Thakeham, Storrington, Rudgwick, Billingshurst, Slingold, Pulborough, West Chillington, Warnham, Cranley [Cranleigh], Rowsper, Leominster [Lyminster], Patching, Warningcampe. Littlehampton and Burpham [in most cases tenant and boundary details are provided]; the hundreds of Shinglecrosse, Fishergate, Burbeach and Brightford; several coppices of woods in the several parishes of Leominster, Poleing [Polegate?], Augmering, Burpham, Wepham and Warmingcampe; the rectories of Steyning with tithes belonging; the modus for the tithe portion from Court Farm in the parish of Beeding; and the advowsons of the following churches or rectories: Steyning, Warminghurst, Thakeham and Storrington.

The following property in Surrey: Guildford castle; the manors of Dorking, Buckham and Newdigate; the advowson of Dorking church and vicarage; property in Dorking, Capel, Betchworth, Newdigate, Mickleham, Guildford, Charlwood and Leigh; and Shelwood Manor House in the parish of Leigh.

The following property in Yorkshire: Sheffield castle; the manors of Sheffield, Colley [Cowley], Woorrall, Ecclesfield, Treaton, Handsworth and Highfield; the rectories and tithes of Sheffield, Ecclesfield and Tickhill; the advowson of the parish churches of Handsworth and Treaton; Sheffield market with all shops, stalls, cellars, tolls, profits and so on; property in Sheffield, Ecclesfield, Broadfield [Bradfield], Tickhill, Colley, Woorall, Attercliffe, Whiston, Treaton [Treeton], Gilthwaite, Todwick, Gleadleys [Gleadless], Hallam, Hallamshire, Fulwood, Healey, Darnalls, Braitwell, Brightside and Osgathorpe.

The following property in Nottinghamshire: Worksop manor and the manor house; the priory manor of Worksop and the dissolved priory; Worksop park; the rectories of Worksop and Harworth with glebe lands and tithes; property in Kilton, Gledhill, Worksop Forest, Worksop and Gateford; Worksop Parsonage; the tithes of Worksop, Sloswicks, Ratcliffe, Radford, Thelton, Clumber and Worksop Park; the manors and property of Worksop and its hamlets including Radford, Gateford, Gilton, Wells, Woodset, Harworth, Shireoaks, Kilton, Radcliffe, Steetly, Darfold [Darfould], the Latches, Claworth, Sloswicks, Hulton[?] and Clumber.

The following property in Derbyshire: property in Whitwell.

The following property in Middlesex: a capital messuage in St James's Square in the parish of St James, Westminster, known as 'Norfolk House'; and property in St James and St Clement Danes.

The following property in Norfolk: the honour of Fornecott; a number of manors including the manors of Forncett, Kenninghall, Lopham, Banham, Boyland in Brissingham, Lancaster, Shelfanger, Fryers, Shelfhanger Hall, Ditchingham, Harleston, Earsham, Redenhall, Harston, Alburgh cum Wortwell, Denton, Rushall, Langmere cum Lincroft and Cockham; the hundreds of Guildecross, Freebridge, Gallow and Brothercross; the half hundred of Earsham; Lopham Park; the fairs of Harleston, Kenninghall and Banham; property in Shelfanger, Brissingham, Kenninghall, Fairesfield, Lopham, Forncett, St Peter Forncett, Banham, Ditchingham, Harleston, Earsham, Redenhall, Sturston, Alburgh, Wortwell, Denton, Langmere, Mendham [Suffolk], Needham, Dickleburgh, Yelverton, Great and Little Peringland, and also property in Norwich.

The following property in Suffolk: the manors of Bungay, Soke Bungay, Priory Bungay, Burgh and North Hales in Wrentham; the fair of Bungay with all liberties, tolls, profits and so on; and property in St James South Elmham, Bungay, Mittingham, Skip Meadow, Wrentham and South Elmham.

All property is reserved to (2) for life by the indenture of release dated 26 Nov. [1814] in respect of his estate for life or life interest in the property to (5); on failure of male issue to several specified used on trust, subject ot several powers, therefore until the marriage is solemnized between (3) and Lady Charlotte to the same uses; after the marriage, property in Sussex and Surrey are to be vested and settled for the successor as Earl Marshal; the property in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Norwich are to several other uses; several annual sums of money are to issue from some of the property, together with charging sums for portions for jointures and children.

Sheffield Castle and the property known as the Sheffield estate is to the use of (6) for a term of 500 years from the decease and failure of male issue of (1), but on trust and subject to several specified provisos, including payment of annual charges of £8000. to (2) and (3); property charged with the annual sum of £8000. is to the use of (7) for a term of 200 years from the decease and failure of male issue of (1), on trust and subject to several specified provisos.

From the expiration of the term of 200 years to the use of (8) for a term of 99 years from the decease and failure of male issue on trust and subject to several provisos; from the expiration of the term of 99 years to the use that if (3) dies within (1)'s lifetime, Lady Charlotte may after the decease of (1) and (3) take for her jointure the annual rent charge of £1800.; further provisos specified regarding the amount of annual rent charge dependent on when people die and in case of issue; annual rent charges are to be paid from property in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Suffolk and Norwich.

The property charged with a number of annual payments is to the use of (9) for a term of 300 years from the decease and failure of male issue of (1) on trust, and immediately after the expiration of the 300 year term to the use of (10) for a term of 2000 years; details provided as to further specified uses including in tail male of (3) and the proposed succession, with particular reference to family members of (2); includes usual provisos including one relating to the pedigree and title of the Howard family; includes declarations relating to the various terms assigned for various parts of the property as trustees and for the payment of any charges.

Recitals: (a) details of a letters patent dated 19 Oct. 24 Charles II [1672]; (b) by virtue of the letters patent recited at (a) above, the office of Earl Marshal devolved to Edward [Howard, 9th] Duke of Norfolk and as he died without issue to Charles [Howard, 10th] Duke of Norfolk and then to his son, (1); (c) details of an indenture of lease and release dated 10-11 Jun. 1767; (d) fact that (1) at present has no male heirs and that (2) and (3) as cousins will be the recipients of the title Duke of Norfolk; (e) details of the office of Earl Marshal of England, and that a competent yearly revenue may be had and enjoyed by the postholder and that an act of parliament is sought for vesting this money and property in Sussex and Surrey for the use of the postholder; (f) agreement of a marriage between (3) and Lady Charlotte, and details of the intended settlement; (g) details of an appointment and release bearing even date [wanting]; (h) in order to secure additional provision for (3), (1) has entered into a bond bearing even date [wanting] with (5) in the penal sum of £20,000. with condition to avoid payment of a £2000. annuity during the joint lives of (1), (2) and (3), and that the £2000. annuity is secured to (5) on trust to raise £600. per year as pin money for Lady Charlotte.

Copy examined by Nath[aniel] Tayton and Frederick Tayton 12 Jun. 1839
Termestate business, settlements, Norfolk family
manors, Bramber (Sussex)
manors, Lewes (Sussex)
manors, Steyning (Sussex)
manors, New Shoreham (Sussex)
manors, Madehurst (Sussex)
manors, Littlehampton (Sussex)
estate business, conveyances, Arundel (Sussex)
tithes, Steyning (Sussex)
tithes, Beeding (Sussex)
advowson, Steyning (Sussex)
manors, Old Shoreham (Sussex)
manors, Roughey (Sussex)
manors, Warminghurst (Sussex)
manors, Ashington (Sussex)
advowson, Warminghurst (Sussex)
advowson, Thakeham (Sussex)
manors, Storrington (Sussex)
advowson, Storrington (Sussex)
tithes, Storrington (Sussex)
manors, Peppering (Sussex)
manors, Dorking (Surrey)
manors, Newdigate (Surrey)
advowson, Dorking (Surrey)
manors, Sheffield (Yorkshire)
manors, Ecclesfield (Yorkshire)
manors, Treeton (Yorkshire)
manors, Handsworth (Yorkshire)
manors, Highfiedl (Yorkshire)
advowson, Handsworth (Yorkshire)
advowson, Treeton (Yorkshire)
manors, Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
tithes, Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
tithes, Sloswicks (Nottinghamshire)
tithes, Clumber (Nottinghamshire)
manors, Forncett (Norfolk)
manors, Kenninghall (Norfolk)
manors, Lopham (Norfolk)
manors, Banham (Norfolk)
manors, Boyland (Norfolk)
manors, Shelfanger (Norfolk)
manors, Ditchingham (Norfolk)
manors, Harleston (Norfolk)
manors, Earsham (Norfolk)
manors, Redenhall (Norfolk)
manors, Alburgh (Norfolk)
manors, Denton (Norfolk)
manors, Langmere (Norfolk)
manors, Bungay (Suffolk)

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA11714Howard; Charles (1746-1815); 11th Duke of Norfolk; styled Earl of Surrey from 1777 until succ. 17861746-1815
NA13390Howard; Bernard Edward (1765-1842); 12th Duke of Norfolk; succ. 1815; styled Earl of Surrey until 18151765-1842
NA9420Howard; Henry C. (1791-1856); 13th Duke of Norfolk; M.P. succeeded 1815 styled Earl of Surrey 1815-421791-1856
NA70468Gower; George G. Sutherland-Leveson- (1758-1833); 1st Duke of Sutherland; styled Lord Gower; succ. as 2nd Marquess of Stafford 1803; cr. duke 18331758-1833
NA9469Howard; Charlotte S. (-1870); Duchess of Norfolk; née Leveson-Gower; dau. of 1st Duke of Sutherland; m. 13th Duke of Norfolk 1814; styled Lady Surrey until 1842-1870
NA32609Keppel; William C. (1772-1849); 4th Earl of Albemarle1772-1849
NA59230Romilly; Samuel (1757-1817); Sir; judge1757-1817
NA41585Howard; Henry (1757-1842); Lieutenant Colonel; of Corby Castle1757-1842
NA69243Hervey; Frederick W. (1769-1859); 1st Marquess of Bristol; styled Lord Hervey 1796-1803 when succeeded as 5th Earl of Bristol created Marquess 18261769-1859
NA36369Throckmorton; John Courtenay (1753-1819); 5th Baronet; succ. 1791; cr. D.C.L. of Oxford 17961753-1819
NA9511Harcourt; Edward V. (1757-1847); Archbishop of York; previously Vernon; Archbishop 18071757-1847
NA70467Campbell; John (c.1753-1821); 1st Baron Cawdor; cr. baron 1796c.1753-1821
NA38444Petre; William H.F. (1793-1850); 11th Baron Petre; succ. 18091793-1850
NA9467Gower; George G. Sutherland-Leveson- (1786-1861); 2nd Duke of Sutherland; succeeded 18331786-1861
NA9728Howard; George (1773-1848); 6th Earl of Carlisle; succ. 18251773-1848
NA76195Werbergh; Thomas (fl 1814); Mr; 'esquire'; of Clifton Hall, Westmorlandfl 1814
NA76196Petre; George (fl 1814); Mr; 'esquire'; of Dunken Hall in the county palatine of Lancasterfl 1814
PL99417Worksop Priory/Worksop/Nottinghamshire/England
PL1060/St Clement Danes/London/England
PL53436St James/Westminster/London/England
PL99482/Bognor Regis/Sussex/England
PL99505/Forncett St Peter/Forncett/Norfolk/England
PL99515/Elmham South/Suffolk/England
PL99516/St James/Elmham South/Suffolk/England
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