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TitleAttested copy lease [wanting] and release from Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk and others of the Manor of Old Shoreham and the rectory of Steyning, Sussex and the rectory of Worksop, Nottinghamshire, to the uses directed by an Act of Parliament dated 42nd Geo. III; 12 Feb. 1803 [copy dated 1839]
Date12 February 1803
Extent30 ff
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Charles [Howard, 11th] Duke of Norfolk.

Second Party: Henry Addington, Chancellor of the Exchequer; and Sir Joseph Banks.

Third Party: William Ryder, gentleman of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex.

Lease [wanting] and release from (1) and (2) to (3) of the following property in Steyning, Sussex: the rectory of Steyning with all tithes; the tithes arising from Court Farm in the parish of Beeding; the perpetual advowson of the church of Steyning; 2 burgage messuages with gardens and appurtenances in Shippen Street near Newham in the Borough of Steyning; approximately 85 messuages or burgage messuages and 3 tenements with a variety of outbuildings and lands in Church Street, High Street, Singwell Street, Chantry Green and Market House; also further several specified messuages including Whike Barn, Chantry Green House, Diamonds, Cherry Gardens, Britains Well and Hill Place; also of various closes of land including New Field Butchers Cleaver, Rubble Piece, the God Stables, Dunstables Close, the Crown, Turners Croft and Britain Croft; also of several outbuildings including a slaughter house, a foldstead and barn known as New Barn, a waggon house and stable, and two long carpenters shops [in all cases details of tenants or occupiers are provided and in some cases boundary details].

Also of the following property in Bramber, Sussex: 2 closes of meadow measuring 6 acres; a close of 3 acres known as Stones Croft; 1 acre of land known as Bark Croft; 3 acres of arable land lying in the Huttocks and Storkings; 2 half acres of arable land lying in the Hurst; 3 half acres of arable land lying in the middle lanes of Maudlin and Bramber; and 3 half acres of arable land lying in Maudlin West Lane next the Hill.

All the above property is vested in (2) for the several terms of 1000 and 1000 years, together with all other property of (1) in Steyning except for the following: several messuages in the manor of Charlton and Bridlington Tything in the parish of Steyning; also a portion of tithes issuing from a farm in the parish of Portslaid, Sussex; and 3 pews in the parish church of Steyning.

Further witnesses a surrender from (2) to (1) of several messuages and lands in the manor Charlton and in Bridlington Tything; the modus for tithe portions from the farm in the parish of Portslaid and of the 3 pews in Steyning church; and that the residue of the two terms of 1000 and 1000 years may merge into the inheritance of the property.

Further witnesses a release from (1) to (3) of the manor of Old Shoreham, Sussex; the parsonage and rectory of Worksop, Nottinghamshire and the following property in Worksop: a barn and a third part of land known as Mare Croft; the Almshouse with garden and orchard; all manner of tithes in Worksop, Sloswick, Ratcliffe, Radford, Kelton, Reton, Scoften, Claunder, Worksop Park and East Burton to several specified uses; also of a parcel of land between St Albans Street and St James's Square, Westminster being the stable yard of (1)'s mansion house, together with all courts, yards, cellars, vaults and rights of passage; the property is vested in (1) by an act of parliament for a term of 24.5 years for a specified yearly rent; property is to (3) on trust but subjct to the limitations set out in an indenture of settlement dated 11 Jun. 1767 and an indenture of release dated 23 Mar. 1771; usual covenants apply.

Consideration: £9000. and £16650..

Recitals: (a) details of an act of parliament, dated 1801-1802 regarding the vesting of property in Sheffield and other partsof the settled estates of (1) on trust; (b) fact that Thomas Wybergh and Vincent H. Eyre by the power vested in them, have sold and conveyed several parts of the property recited in the act of parliament; (c) (1) was seized of the advowson of the vicarage of Steyning, several closes of land in Bramber, a moiety of the rectory of Steyning, and of several messuages, lands and tithes in Steyning, and that (2) as trustees were seized of the other moiety of the rectory and messuages in Steyning; (d) that (1) has made an agreement with (2) for the purchase of the moiety of property in Steyning on the terms of a lease and release dated 26-27 Jul. 1798; (e) fact that (1) has paid to (2) the sum of £3000. part of the principal sum of £18,000., and that by further payments the principal sum has now been reduced to £9000. which is now remaining due on the mortgage; (f) (1) is now seized of the fee simple and inheritance of the property mentioned above at (c) together with the manor of Old Shoreham, Sussex, Worksop rectory, Nottinghamshire, and several coach houses, stables and so in the parish of St James, Westminster, Middlesex; (g) (1) desires that some of the money raised from the sale of property under (a) above should be invested in the purchase of the fee simple and inheritance of the manor of Old Shoreham, Worksop rectory and the property in Steyning and Bramber; (h) details of a Chancery Court order dated 15 Dec. [1802]; (i) details of the Master of Chancery Court report dated 28 Jan. [1803]; (j) the principal sum of £9000. remaining on the mortgage with interest has been paid by (1); (k) details of a further Chancery Court order dated 7 Feb. [1803]; (l) the Accountant General has carried over the sum of £9000. from the 'Matter exparte The purchasers of the Duke of Norfolks settled Estates' to the credit of (2) as trustees; (m) fact that Master Leeds has approved this indenture and has duly signed the margin.

Copy examined 8 Jun. 1839.
Termparliamentary business, acts, vesting settled estates of the Duke of Norfolk 1802
estate business, conveyances, Shoreham (Sussex)
estate business, conveyances, Steyning (Sussex)
estate business, conveyances, Sussex
estate business, conveyances, Worksop Manor Estate (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, conveyances, Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
ecclesiastical business, Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
ecclesiastical business, Steyning (Sussex)
manors, Charlton (Sussex)
manors, Old Shoreham (Sussex)
tithes, Bridlington Tything (Sussex)
tithes, Portslaid (Sussex)

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA11714Howard; Charles (1746-1815); 11th Duke of Norfolk; styled Earl of Surrey from 1777 until succ. 17861746-1815
NA8609Addington; Henry (1757-1844); 1st Viscount Sidmouth; Speaker of the House of Commons 1789-1801; PM 1801-04; cr. viscount in 18051757-1844
NA32227Banks; Joseph (1743-1820); Baronet; botanist1743-1820
NA76194Ryder; William (fl 1803); gentleman; of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesexfl 1803
NA56172Wybergh; Thomas (fl 1808-1814); Mr; 'esquire'; of Clifton Hall, Westmorlandfl 1808-1814
NA55323Eyre; Vincent H. (fl 1810-1815); Mr; 'esquire'; of Sheffield Yorkshirefl 1810-1815
PL53436St James/Westminster/London/England
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