Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/47/123
TitleRelease by way of deed poll from Edward Saxby, Anne his wife and others to Samuel Davy of part of a legacy charge on the Birks Estate [in the parishes of Whitwell, Derbyshire and Worksop, Nottinghamshire]; 23 Aug. 1837
Date23 August 1837
Extent2 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Edward Saxby, drover of Carlton le Moreland, Lincolnshire and Ann his wife; John Hudson, blacksmith of Sheffield, Yorkshire and Elizabeth his wife; Grace Hudson, spinster of Blyth, Nottinghamshire; Charles Hudson, butcher of Blyth also; Erasmus Hudson, butcher of Blyth; and John Needham, wheelwright of Elkesley, Nottinghamshire and Sarah his wife.

Second Party: Samuel Davy, farmer of Warsop, Nottinghamshire.

In consideration of the individual sums of £26.0.10. paid to the various parties of (1) by (2) as full discharge of the principal sum and interest as recited at (c) below on the Birks estate [in the parishes of Whitwell, Derbyshire and Worksop, Nottinghamshire].

Consideration: £156.5.0..

Recitals: (a) details of the will of Thomas Fletcher the elder dated 25 Jan. 1792; (b) fact that Thomas Fletcher the elder died without revoking his will which was later proved in 1797; (c) details of articles of agreement dated 25 Oct. 1796; (d) fact that the marriage between Erasmus Hudson [the father] and Grace Fletcher happened soon after the solemnization of the articles of agreement above, and specifies issue of the marriage; (e) fact that Erasmus Hudson the father died in 1813; (f) fact that the daughter Mary Hudson died in 1818 unmarried; (g) fact that Grace Hudson the mother [nee Fletcher] died in 1837; (h) the principal sum of £150 agreed upon the articles of agreement was never invested in the securities prescribed, and remains as a charge on the property by the will recited at (a) above, of which property (2) is the owner of the fee simple, and that his father died intestate; (i) the interest accrued on the principal sum was paid to Erasmus Hudson the father during his lifetime, and after his death to his wife Grace until 1836; (j) fact that Ann Saxby, Elizabeth Hudson, Grace Hudson [the daughter], Charles Hudons, Erasmus Hudson [the son] and Sarah Needham, as the children of Erasmus Hudson the father are entitled to the principal sum of £150. plus interest [£156.5.0.] accrued from 1836; (k) the share alloted to each of the children specified above at (j) amounts to the sum of £26.0.10.; (l) fact that (2) has agreed to pay the sum of £156.5.0. to (1).
Termfinancial affairs, legacies, Birks Estate (Derbyshire)
financial affairs, legacies, Hudson family
estate business, Birks Estate (Derbyshire)
Physical DescriptionNine applied seals - red wax

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA56144Saxby; Edward (fl 1833-1837); Mr; drover of Carlton Le Moreland Lincolnshirefl 1833-1837
NA56145Saxby; Ann (c.1798-); Mrs; née Hudson; dau. of Erasmus and Grace Hudson; m 1stly John Burbank 1820; m 2ndly Edward Saxby 1833c.1798-
NA56146Hudson; John (fl 1826-1837); Mr; blacksmith of Sheffield Yorkshirefl 1826-1837
NA56147Hudson; Elizabeth (c.1799-); Mrs; née Hudson; dau. of Erasmus and Grace Hudson; m. John Hudson 1826; of Sheffield Yorkshirec.1799-
NA56148Hudson; Grace (c.1801-); Miss; spinster; of Blyth Nottinghamshire; dau. of Erasmus and Grace Hudsonc.1801-
NA56149Hudson; Charles (c.1803-); Mr; butcher of Blyth Nottinghamshire; son of Erasmus and Grace Hudsonc.1803-
NA56150Hudson; Erasmus (c.1807-); Mr; butcher of Blyth Nottinghamshire; son of Erasmus and Grace Hudsonc.1807-
NA56151Needham; John (fl 1831-1837); Mr; wheelwright of Elkesley Nottinghamshirefl 1831-1837
NA56152Needham; Sarah (c.1809-); Mrs; née Hudson; dau. of Erasmus and Grace Hudson; m. John Needham 1831; of Elkesley Nottinghamshirec.1809-
NA56153Davy; Samuel (c.1803-); Mr; farmer of Warsop Nottinghamshire; son of Samuel and Hannah Davy of Warsop Nottsc.1803-
NA56154Hudson; Erasmus (c.1774-1813); Mr; farrier and smith; of Shireoaks Nottinghamshirec.1774-1813
NA56155Hudson; Grace (c.1767-1837); Mrs; née Fletcher; dau. of Thomas Fletcher the elder of Whitwell Derbys; m Erasmus Hudson of Shireoaks Notts 1796c.1767-1837
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