Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/47/120
TitleAssignment from Messrs Eddison and others to Edward Blount of a mortgage on an estate in the parishes of Whitwell, Derbyshire and Worksop, Nottinghamshire for securing £2500 and interest in trust for Bernard E. Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk, also enorsement dated 4 Aug. 1824; 21 May 1824
Date21 May 1824
Extent3 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Benjamin Eddison, grocer of Worksop, Nottinghamshire; Robert Booth, gentleman of Nottingham; and William Booth, gentleman of Kirkby Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire.

Second Party: Peter Sissons, stationer of Worksop also; John Horncastle, farmer of Carlton in Lindrick, Nottinghamshire; and Francis Sissons, printer of Worksop.

Third Party: Bernard Edward [Howard, 12th] Duke of Norfolk.

Fourth Party: Edward Blount, esquire of Bellamore, Staffordshire.

Assignment from (1) at the direction of (3) to (4) of the sum of £2500. secured by the recited mortgage at (a) below, in trust for (3); also assignment from (1) to (3) of the property included in the recited mortgage at (a) below; [property includes a messuage and several closes known as Holme Farm in the parish of Whitwell, Derbyshire, and any allotments awarded under the Whitwell Enclosure Act of 1813].

Consideration: £2500. and £96.7.0. as interest.

Recitals: (a) details of an indenture of mortgage dated 14 Aug. 1820 [see Ne 6 D 2/47/110]; (b) details of a bond bearing even date with (a) for the sum of £5000. [see Ne 6 D 2/47/111]; (c) fact that the sum of £2500. was not paid to (1) and so the property became absolute at law for the remainder of the unexpired term of 1000 years; (d) details of the will of William Willcock dated 14 Aug. 1822; (e) fact that Willcock died in 1824 without revoking his will; (f) fact that (1) now require payment of the sum of £2500. with interest and that (3) has agreed to advance the same secured by an assignment of the sum of £2500..

Endorsed with a further indenture on the reverse of the second skin, dated 4 Aug. 1824:

First Party: Edward Blount.

Second Party: Peter Sissons, John Horncastle and Francis Sissons, devisees in trust of the will of William Willcock.

Third Party: Bernard Edward [Howard, 12th] Duke of Norfolk.

In consideration of the property, (1) at the request of (3) and (2) agrees to be possessed of the property to be conveyed by virtue of a lease and release, in trust to attend the freehold and inheritance.

Recitals: (a) fact that (3) has agreed with (2) for the purchase of the property for the sum of £4396., to be paid from the sum of £6180., and that it was further agreed that the purchase money of £4396. should be used to to pay (3) the sum of £2000. for the conveyance and settlement of the property as directed by an act of parliament; (b) fact that all interest owing on the principal sum has since been paid, and by virtue of a lease and release bearing even date [wanting] the property is intended to be conveyed.
Termenclosure, Whitwell 1813
estate business, Whitwell (Derbyshire)
financial affairs, mortgages, Whitwell (Derbyshire)
financial affairs, mortgages, Birks Estate (Derbyshire)
financial affairs, mortgages, Ratcliffe (Nottinghamshire)
financial affairs, mortgages, Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
Physical DescriptionTwelve applied seals - red wax

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA56124Eddison; Benjamin (fl 1820-1824); Mr; grocer of Worksop Nottinghamshire; executor of the will of John Eddisonfl 1820-1824
NA56125Booth; Robert (fl 1820-1824); Mr; gentleman; of Nottingham Nottinghamshire; executor of the will of John Eddisonfl 1820-1824
NA56126Booth; William (fl 1820-1824); Mr; gentleman; of Kirkby Woodhouse Nottinghamshire; executor of the will of John Eddisonfl 1820-1824
NA56140Sissons; Peter (fl 1823-1824); Mr; stationer; of Worksop Nottinghamshirefl 1823-1824
NA56141Horncastle; John (fl 1824); Mr; farmer of Carlton in Lindrick Nottinghamshirefl 1824
NA56142Sissons; Francis (fl 1824); Mr; printer of Worksop Nottinghamshirefl 1824
NA13390Howard; Bernard Edward (1765-1842); 12th Duke of Norfolk; succ. 1815; styled Earl of Surrey until 18151765-1842
NA56058Blount; Edward (fl 1823-1839); Mr; 'esquire'; firstly of Bellamore Staffordshire and afterwards of John Street Covent Garden Middx; trustee of the 12th Duke of Norfolkfl 1823-1839
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