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TitleCopy settlement made subsequent to the marriage of Taylor White and Sarah Woollaston; 27 May 1765 [copy dated c.1820]
27 May 1765
Extent12 ff
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Taylor White, esquire, of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex.

Second Party: Taylor White the younger, esquire, eldest son of (1) and his wife, Sarah White, daughter of Sir Isaac Woollaston and Dame Sarah Rowlands Woollaston.

Third Party: Sir Edward Clive, of the Court of Common Pleas and Sir Griffith Boynton of Agnes Burton, Yorkshire.

Fourth Party: Sir John Eardley Wilmot, justice of the King's bench and Sir Gilbert Heathcote, baronet, of Normanton, Rutland.

Fifth Party: James Hewett, esquire, serjeant at law and John Heathcote, esquire, of Luffenham, Rutland.

In consideration of the marriage of (2) and to settle the property in question, agreement that (1) will convey the manor and capital messuage of Woodhall together with all his property at Woodhall in the parish of Darfield, Yorkshire, and also a farm, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Gilding Wells, Yorkshire and a farm at Great Drayton, Nottinghamshire, to the use of (1) for life, afterwards to Taylor White the younger, the remainder to the sons of (2) in tail male, the remainder to the daughters of (2) as tenants in common, the remainder to Thomas White, second son of (1) for life, then to his sons in tail male, the remainder to his daughters as tenants in common, the remainder to Stephen White and his sons in tail male, then to his daughters as tenants in common, the remainder to the right heirs of Taylor White the younger in fee.

Conveyance will include covenant for sale, with the monies raised to be applied to the debts of (2); agreement between all parties that Taylor White the elder and younger will join in a common recovery of property in Utterley, Lincolnshire; covenant by (2) to levy a fine of a half part of the manor of Lowesby, Leicestershire together with the advowson and tithes of Lowesby and the mansion house there with its appurtenances in Lowesby, Newton and Bilson; also of a moiety of a mansion house at St Ives, Huntingdonshire and of (2)'s estate in St Ives, Holywell, Needingworth, Fenstanton, Hemmington and Fen Drayton, Huntingdonshire; also of the Horse and Groom in Bedford, and of a moiety of land at Wilberton, Isle of Ely; also of a moiety of a messuage in Eastry and Wednesborough, Kent, a moiety of houses and messuages in Whitchurch, Hampshire.

Declaration that the fine of the property in Lowesby and Newton will inure to (4) in trust for 99 years to raise an annuity of £200 for Sarah White for life; afterwards in trust to (3) for a term of 100 years, afterwards to (5) in trust for a term of 500 years, afterwards to the sons of (2) in tail male, afterwards to the duaghters of (2) as tenants in common, and in default of issue to uses appointed by Sarah White; declaration that the trust of 100 years is to pay a further annuity of £200 to Sarah White; declaration that the trust of 500 years is to raise a sum of £5,000 for portions for the younger children of the marriage; reserves power for sale and power to lease to (2).

Declaration that the fine of the property in Kent, Cambridgeshire, the Isle of Ely, Bedford and Hampshire will inure to the use of (1) in trust for sale, the money raised to be used in discharge of the debts of (2); the fine of the property in Huntingdonshire to inure to the use of (3) in trust for Taylor White the younger, afterwards to his sons in tail male, afterwards to his daughters, afterwards to such uses as are appointed by Sarah White; reserves power to (2) to raise a mortgage on the property in Cambridgeshire if required; also reserves power for sale of the Huntingdonshire properties; covenant by (2) to surrender copyhold estates in Huntingdonshire to the same uses as the other property there.

Notes that (2) are seized of copyhold property in Elmeden and Arksden, Essex; agreement by (2) to (1) that they will dispose of this property and apply the money raised for the payment of their debts.
Termmarriage, settlements, White/Woollaston 1765

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA26908White; Taylor (1743-1795); Mr; 'esquire'; of Tuxford Nottinghamshire1743-1795
NA47824White; Sarah (-1802); Mrs; née Woollaston; dau. of Isaac Woollaston, 2nd Baronet; m Taylor White 1765; mother of Sir Thomas Woollaston White-1802
NA55704Woollaston; Sarah Rowland (-1753); Lady Woollaston; née March; dau. of - March of Haddenham Isle of Ely; widow of - Gattar; m. Sir Isaac Woollaston baronet-1753
NA47857Boynton; Griffith (1745-1778); 4th Baronet; succ. 1761; nephew of John White of Tuxford Nottinghamshire1745-1778
NA55705Clive; Edward (fl 1765); Sir; of the Court of Common Pleasfl 1765
NA55672Heathcote; Gilbert (-1785); 3rd Baronet; succ. 1759; M.P. Shaftesbury 1761-1768-1785
NA46998Wilmot; John Eardley- (1709-1792); Sir; chief justice of the common pleas; knighted 17551709-1792
NA55706Hewett; James (fl 1765); Mr; 'esquire'; serjeant at lawfl 1765
NA47858Heathcote; John (fl 1765-1771); son of 2nd Baronet Heathcote; nephew of John White of Tuxford Nottinghamshirefl 1765-1771
NA47851White; Taylor (1701-1772); Mr; 'esquire'; of Lincoln's Inn London; son of Thomas White M.P.1701-1772
NA77074Woollaston; Isaac (-1750); 2nd Baronet; succ. 1749; Sir Isaac Woollaston-1750
PL57907/Gilding Wells/Yorkshire/England
PL57908/Great Drayton/Nottinghamshire/England
PL50105/St Ives/Huntingdonshire/England
PL50101/Fen Stanton/Huntingdonshire/England
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