Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/39/29-30
TitleLease and release from Vincent H. Eyre and others to Bernard E. Howard, 12th Duke of Norfolk of the Shireoaks Estate, Nottinghamshire, discharged of a mortgage debt; 21-22 Jun. 1824
Date21 June 1824-22 June 1824
Extent17 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Vincent Henry Eyre, esquire, of Highfield, Derbyshire.

Second Party: Henry Howard, esquire, executor of the will of the late 11th Duke of Norfolk.

Third Party: Henry Howard, esquire, of Greystoke Castle, Cumberland, only son and heir of Henry Thomas Howard Molyneux Howard.

Fourth Parth: Edward Giles Howard, esquire, only son of Edward Charles Howard.

Fifth Party: Anthony George Wright, esquire, John Wright, esquire, Henry Howard [as at 2] and Thomas Joseph Eyre, esquire.

Sixth Party: Bernard Edward [Howard, 12th] Duke of Norfolk and Henry Charles Howard, Earl of Surrey.

In consideration of the sum of £44,000 paid to (1) by (6) lease [Ne 6 D 2/39/29] and release [Ne 6 D 2/39/30] from (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) to (6) of the Shireoaks Estate, Nottinghamshire; property to be held to the use of (6) in fee.

Recitals: (a) release and assignment dated 30 Sep. 1809 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/9]; (b) agreement dated 1 Jan. 1810 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/11]; (c) indenture dated 13 Mar. 1810 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/19]; (d) further indenture also dated 13 Mar. 1810 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/20]; (e) agreement between John Wheatley and Vincent Henry Eyre concerning the felling of timber on the Shireoaks Estate; (f) indenture dated 10 Apr. 1810 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/21]; (g) bond from the various members of the Howard family to Vincent Henry Eyre in the penal sum of £94,400 dated 10 Apr. 1810; (h) agreement also dated 10 Apr. 1810 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/22]; (i) deed poll dated 21 May 1810; (j) indenture dated 6 Jun. 1810 endorsed on (h) above; (k) further indenture dated 6 Jun. 1810 also endorsed on (h); (l) receipt by John Hewett for the sum of £20,000 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/ ].

(m) deed poll dated 25 Aug. 1810 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/ ]; (n) indenture dated 3 Apr. 1813 endorsed on ( ) above; (o) lease and release dated 23 and 24 Jan. 1815 [see Ne 6 D 2/39/27-28]; (p) act of parliament dated 55 George III for exonerating certain tithes in the manor of Shireoaks of charges; (q) discharge of a mortgage to Lady Petre and payment of the sum of £3,200 to (1) to reduce the debt owed to him to £44,000; (r) indenture dated 3 Apr. 1813; (s) fact that (1) has discharged the sum of £15,000 which he owed; (t) death of the 11th Duke of Norfolk and details of his will; (u) fact that Henry Howard of Greystoke Castle has reached hsi age of majority; (v) death of Edward Howard in 1816; (w) death of Lord Henry Thomas Howard Molyneux Howard in 1824.

(x) fact that no settlement of the Shireoaks Estate has yet been made by (1); (y) fact that (1) has occassion for the £44,000 owed to him; (z) fact that (6) have consequently paid the sum concerned; (aa) fact that (5) have agreed to join in the current conveyance.
Termtithes, Shireoaks (Nottinghamshire)
tithes, Worksop (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, conveyances, Shireoaks (Nottinghamshire)
maps and plans, Shireoaks (Nottinghamshire)
Physical DescriptionTen applied seals - red wax

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA55323Eyre; Vincent H. (fl 1810-1815); Mr; 'esquire'; of Sheffield Yorkshirefl 1810-1815
NA11714Howard; Charles (1746-1815); 11th Duke of Norfolk; styled Earl of Surrey from 1777 until succ. 17861746-1815
NA13390Howard; Bernard Edward (1765-1842); 12th Duke of Norfolk; succ. 1815; styled Earl of Surrey until 18151765-1842
NA50588Howard; Henry T. Howard-Molyneux- (1766-1824); Lord; br. of 12th Duke of Norfolk; granted rank and precidence of a duke's younger son in 18171766-1824
NA55322Howard; Edward C. (1774-1816); Mr; br. of 12th Duke of Norfolk1774-1816
NA55325Ryder; William (fl 1815); -; gentleman; of Lincoln's Inn Middlesexfl 1815
NA9420Howard; Henry C. (1791-1856); 13th Duke of Norfolk; M.P. succeeded 1815 styled Earl of Surrey 1815-421791-1856
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