Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/39/3
TitleBargain and sale [enrolled] from John Norris Hewett and Rev. John Hewett to Nathaniel Austen leading uses of a common recovery of property in Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire; 1 Nov. 1787
Date1 November 1787
Extent8 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: John Norris Hewett, widow, of Richmond Hill, Surrey, widow and relict of John Hewett, formerly John Thornhaugh of Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire.

Second Party: Rev. John Hewett, clerk, of Harthill, Yorkshire, grandson of one of the devisees in the will of the late Sir Thomas Hewett.

Third Party: William Skynner, gentleman, of Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

Fourth Party: Nathaniel Austen, gentleman, of Clements Inn, Middlesex.

Fifth Party: Rev. Jonathan Boucher, clerk, of Epsom, Surrey and Henry Sayer, esquire, of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex.

Bargain and sale from (1) with the approbation of (2) to (4) of all the messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments and premises set out in the indenture recited at (c) below [namely numerous tenements and messuages in Shireoaks, Haggonfields, Styrrup and Killamarsh; in each case provides the names of parcels, names of tenants and total acreage held by each tenant].

Also, bargain and sale from (2) to (4) of the manor of Shireoaks with all its appurtenances, the mansion house called Shireoaks Hall with the park, woods and other lands belonging to it and several messuages, cottages, farms, lands and tenements in Shireoaks [names of tenants provided]; also of messuages, cottages, lands and tenements at Haggonfields, Gateford and Worksop [names of tenants also provided] and the tithes which belonged to Sir Thomas Hewett in Shireoaks, Gateford, Claylands, Haggonfields, Darfold, Harness, Greaves [Greaves Lane] and Worksop; also a farm at Styrrup and Tickhill, farms at Netherthorpe, Salter's Hall and a close of land belonging to it at Whitwell and several messuages at Killamarsh.

Property to be geld by (4) in order that he may become a tenant to the praecipe and suffer three common recoveries brought by (3); declaration that (1) is to have an annuity of £300 issuing out of the property and that the property is to be held in trust by (5) for 99 years, afterwards to the use of (2) in fee; declaration that the trust of 99 years is for securing the £300 annuity to (1).

Recitals: (a) details of the will of the late Sir Thomas Hewett [see Ne 6 D 2/39/2]; (b) death of Sir Thomas Hewett in 1726 without having altered or revoked his will and without leaving issue, death of St Andrew Thornhaugh and succession of his son, John to the Hewett estates, after which he took on the surname Hewett; (c) indenture dated 14 Feb. 1784 being the marriage settlement of (1) and John Hewett; (d) fact that on the death of John Hewett, (2) became entitled to his estates devised to him under the will recited at (a) above, subject to the estate for life of (1) in certain of the properties.

Enrilled in Chancery by John Mitford 19 Nov. 1787.
Termmanors, Shireoaks (Nottinghamshire)
tithes, Nottinghamshire
legal business, wills, Sir Thomas Hewett 1725
estate business, tenants. Shireoaks (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, tenants, Haggonfields (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, tenants, Styrrup (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, tenants, Killamarsh (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, recoveries, Nottinghamshire
estate business, recoveries, Yorkshire
estate business, recoveries, Derbyshire
Physical DescriptionSix applied seals - red wax

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA55300Hewett; John (-1811); Rev.; of Harthill Yorkshire; devisee under the will of Sir Thomas Hewett-1811
NA55301Hewett; John N. (fl 1787); Mrs; of Richmond Hill Surrey; widow of John Hewett formerly John Thornhaughfl 1787
NA55302Skynner; William (fl 1787); gentleman; of Worksop Nottinghamshirefl 1787
NA55303Austen; Nathaniel (fl 1787); -; gentleman; of Clement's Inn Middlesexfl 1787
NA55304Boucher; Jonathan (fl 1787); Rev.; of Epsom Surreyfl 1787
NA55305Sayer; Henry (fl 1787); Mr; 'esquire'; of Lincoln's Inn Middlesexfl 1787
NA62437Hewet; Thomas (1656-1726); Sir; of Shireoaks Nottinghamshire; knighted 1719; Surveyor-General of the Office of Works1656-1726
PL23091/Thorpe Salvin/Yorkshire/England
PL57278/Greaves Lane/Nottinghamshire/England
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