Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/23/1
TitleAgreement between the trustees of the 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne and Central Electricity Generating Board, concerning mineral rights in Girton and Besthorpe, Nottinghamshire; 10 Apr. 1967
Date10 April 1967
Extent5ff (plus plan)
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Henry C.F. Pelham-Clinton, John Stewart Bordewich, William Humble and John J. Glover Wilson, the trustees of the 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne.

Second Party: Central Electricity Generating Board, Sudbury House, London.

Agreement between (1) and (2) whereby (1) gives consent for the erection of 6 quadruple conductors for transmitting electricity together with one earth wire and 12 towers for support [as shown on an attached plan], also for the inspection and maintenance of the works, and for entry to the land by agents of (2) at all reasonable times for the purposes mentioned above; the works shall be executed by (2) subject to the Electricity Supply Acts of 1882 to 1936 and the Electricity Acts 1947 and 1957; the works shall be executed by (2) at reasonable times; (2) shall maintain the works during the period of the agreement so that they shall not be a danger to (1); in the execution of the works (2) shall not cause unnecessary damage or injury, or impede the free and uninterupted use of the land by (1), and shall not obstruct the use of any private road, footpath or drain; (2) shall make good any damage to the property caused by the works; (2) shall give to (1) no less than 7 days notice in writing of any intended work, except in the case of emergency; (2) shall pay a rent of 1 shilling per year, payable on 30 Sep.; (1) must notify (2) by writing if they are in breach of any of the provisions mentioned and if it isn't remedied within one month (1) can end the agreement and consent; the agreement shall remain in force until determined by either party, at which time 12 months notice must be given in writing, without prejudice to (2) under Section 22 of the Electricity Supply Act of 1919 or Section 11 of the Electricity Supply Act of 1922; on the determination of the agreement by the Clauses above (2) must remove all works; (1) is indemnified against all claims for damages incurred by negligence or omission on the part of (2) whilst executing the works; (1) shall be free to use the land to work the minerals, and in working the minerals (1) may withdraw support to the works of (2) and shall not be liable to pay compensation for any damage caused unless it falls within the remit of the acts mentioned above; agreement made subject to all existing leases and tenancies; any arbitration shall be decided under the Arbitration Act 1950.

Recitals: (a) fact that (1) owns the minerals situated under the property in question.

Includes a plan of Girton and Besthorpe; the property under which (1) owns the minerals is shaded pink; the towers [pylons?] and earth wire are marked in in red ink; also shows land in adjacent parishes [Meering, etc]; the plan is a copy taken from 6 inch O/S map; there is a compass showing north.

Accompanied by a letter from G.A. Townend of (2) to C.G. Stableforth, Estate Agent, Newcastle Estates Office, Warminster, Wiltshire, concerning the agreement, dated 13 Dec. 1967.
Termestate business, rents, easements in Girton (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, rents, easements in Besthorpe (Nottinghamshire)
electricity, electricity conductors, erection of
electricity, electricity conductors, agreements for
maps and plans, Girton (Nottinghamshire)

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA53186Central Electricity Generating Board
NA53751Townend; G.A. (fl 1967); -; Principal Wayleave Officer for the East Midlands Central Electricity Generating Boardfl 1967
NA57949Stableforth; Charles G. (fl 1943-1974); Mr; Estate Agent for the Newcastle Estate Office, Warminster, Wilts from 1943 onwardsfl 1943-1974
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