Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/13/47
TitlePrinted duplicate conveyance from the personal representatives of the late 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne and the London and Fort George Land Company Limited to Cecil D. Gay of part of the Clumber Estate, Nottinghamshire; 24 Jun. 1944
Date24 June 1944
Extent2 items
Content DescriptionFirst Party: The personal representatives of the late Henry P.A.D. Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne.

Second Party: The London and Fort George Land Company Limited.

Third Party: Cecil Douglas Gay, esquire, of Berkswell, Warwickshire.

Conveyance from (1) and (2) to (3) of 5,746.960 acres of property in the parishes of Bevercotes, Bothamsall, East Markham, Elkesley, Gamston, Haughton, Markham Clinton, Tuxford, Walesby and West Drayton, Nottinghamshire, all of which comprise part of the Clumber Estate; reserves to (1) and (2) rights of way, all compensation payable under the Coal Act 1938, free passage and running of water and soil from adjoining properties, full right to erect buildings and so on; also reserves to (1) rents payable and reversions expectant on the term created by an agreement dated 12 Feb. 1908 and a deed of grant dated 4 Feb. 1909 [details provided]; also reserves to (1) the rents payable under the reversion expectant on the term created by a deed of grant dated 9 Jul. 1902; notes that the property is conveyed subject to the matters and rights referred to in schedule 2.

Notes that the property is also conveyed subject to certain agreements for the sale of timber; assignment from (1) and (2) to (3) of the benefit of the Markham Clinton glebe lands; also assignment of the benefit of shooting rights; includes covenant from indemnity against tenant claims; also includes acknowledgement of rights to production of deeds.

Consideration: £135,000.

Schedule 1: full details of the property to be conveyed; provided information relating to each parcel of land or building, including their number on the 1898 O.S. map, the name of the tenant, a brief description and area in acresl the schedule is arranged on a parish-by-parish basis.

Schedule 2: particulars of documents, easements and rights to which the property concerned is subject and particulars of tithe redemption annuities or other annual payments affecting part of the lands.

Schedule 3: particulars of agreements for sale of timeber entered into with Oakes Limited and particulars of other agreements for sale of timber.

Schedule 4: particulars of the Markham Clinton glebe lands.

Schedule 5: particulars of shooting rights enjoyed over the property; includes the name of the landowner, the parish, the Ordnance number of each parcel of land, its area and its rent.

Schedule 6: particulars of conveyances reserving rights to (1) and covenants for which the benefit is assigned to (3).

Schedule 7: list of documents to which (3) has rights of production.

Recitals: (a) agreement dated 5 Apr. 1927 by which the duke agreed to sell the London and Fort George Land Company certain freehold estates; (b) date of the will of the 7th Duke; (c) death of the 7th Duke and the proving of his will; (d) death of one of the executors; (e) agreement for the current conveyance; (f) fact that (2) is entitled to the benefit of the Markham Clinton glebe land; (g) fact that (1) have agreed to join in the current conveyance.

Includes a plan with the property to be conveyed coloured pink; the plan is a section of the O.S. map [no date] covering the parishes of Bothamsall, West Drayton, Elkesley, Gamston, Haughton, Bevercotes, Walesby and Markham Clinton, Nottinghamshire.

Also includes a plan of the Markham Clinton glebe lands; this is drawn to a scale of 6 inches to 1 mile and is marked with a compass showing north; dated Nov. 1943.

Ne 6 D 2/13/47/2 is a further copy of the conveyance printed on paper.
Termestate business, conveyances, Clumber Estate (Nottinghamshire)
maps and plans, Clumber (Nottinghamshire)
maps and plans, Markham Clinton (Nottinghamshire)
timber, sale of
estate business, tenants, Clumber Estate (Nottinghamshire)
rights and privileges, shooting rights, Clumber Estate (Nottinghamshire)

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA23565London and Fort George Land Company Limited
NA52708Personal Representatives of the 7th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne
NA53343Gay; Cecil D. (fl 1944); Mr; 'esquire'; of Berkswell Warwickshirefl 1944
PL16402/Markham East/Nottinghamshire/England
PL1066/Markham Clinton/Nottinghamshire/England
PL16368/West Drayton/Nottinghamshire/England
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