Document ReferenceNe 6 D 2/13/28
TitleLicence from Queen Anne to John Holles, 3rd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne for the creation of Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire; 15 Aug. 1709
Date15 August 1709
Extent2 membranes
Content DescriptionFirst Party: Anne, Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland.

Second Party: John [Holles, 3rd] Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Licence from (1) to (2) to make a park in Sherwood Forest which is to contain at least 3,000 acres of his own lands and inheritance; sets out in full the boundaries for the park; orders the Lord High Treasurer to issue a warrant for making a 'ryding' to the park; grants the wood from the 'ryding' to (2) to be used for making the park 'pale' [fence]; orders that (2) is to supply his own materials for making lodges, houses, barns and so on; assigns to (2) an allowance of £1,000 per annum in consideration of his lost rents and for finding hay and pasture and for paying officers; salary to be paid from Michaelmas 1707; covenant by (2) that he will assign the new park to trustees for the use of (1); in the event that the £1,000 is not paid, (2) may have the land again; grant from (1) to (2) of the office of ranger of the park.

Recitals: (a) fact that (2) has proposed that a park should be made in Sherwood Forest, containing at least 3,000 acres of his own land; provides a full description of the 'circuit' of the proposed park with the pale taking in part of Clumber, part of Hardwick, part of Bothamsall and part of Carburton, beginning near Butterworth Haggs [details of all the boundaries provided]; notes that (1) has applied for an allowance of £1,000 per annum to defray all costs and charges for the making and running of the park and has requested that he may be appointed ranger; (b) fact that this proposals has been referred to Samuel Travers, the Surveyor General, who has reported that making the park would be an advantage to the local inhabitants; gives further details of the surveyor's report, including that (2) may be appointed ranger.
Termroyalty, favour, licence to create Clumber Park (Nottinghamshire)
estate business, Clumber Park, creation of
estate business, Clumber Park, boundaries
salaries and wages, Clumber Park Ranger
appointments, royal, Clumber Park Ranger
Physical DescriptionRemnants of great seal of Queen Anne

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA18608Anne (1665-1714); Queen of Great Britain and Ireland1665-1714
NA488Holles; John (1662-1711); 3rd Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne; cr. Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne 1694, 1st Duke of second creation; also 4th Earl of Clare1662-1711
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