Document ReferenceN Mc 1/94
TitleLetter from Priscilla McLaren (née Bright), Newington House, Edinburgh to her sister 'Maggie' [Margaret Lucas (née Bright)]; 29 September 1862.
Date29 September 1862
Extent4 ff
Content DescriptionHas just returned from Cheadle; brief comment on the American Civil War, which she regards as 'butchery on a large scale without any redeeming feature in it'; expects Mr and Mrs Richard Cobden to stay; bemoans the state of the house - as the 'building' has reached the back, they are thinking of selling; states that 'Lily' [Lilias Ashworth] and 'Annie' [Ann Frances Ashworth] are very radical; their father [Thomas Ashworth] has cancelled the 'Star', and they hid the 'Telegraph' - 'a vulgar unprincipled paper' - ordered as a compromise, and finally settled on the 'Manchester Examiner' as a 'second' compromise.

Hopes that Sam's [Samuel Lucas'] visit to Brighton will improve his health, and is surprised that men do not suffer more gastric conditions, 'smoking as they do'; refers to Duncan McLaren's visit to Paul [Bright] and Sydney Mellor Bright's grave; notes Henry Ashworth's death.
Termfamily & political & domestic

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA1900Cobden; Richard (1804-1865); Mr; statesman1804-1865
NA2050Cobden; Catherine A. (1815-1877); Mrs; née Williams wife of Richard Cobden known as 'Kate'1815-1877
NA1955Hallett; Lilias Sophia (fl 1853-1888); Mrs; née Ashworthfl 1853-1888
NA1942Goss; Anne Frances (fl 1852-1887); Mrs; née Ashworthfl 1852-1887
NA2004Ashworth; Thomas (fl 1854-1877); Mrfl 1854-1877
NA1774Lucas; Samuel (fl 1839-1881)fl 1839-1881
NA924McLaren; Duncan (1800-1886); politician1800-1886
NA2051Bright; Paul (fl 1862); Master; d aged 4 yearsfl 1862
NA2052Bright; Sydney M. (fl 1862); Master; d aged 7 yearsfl 1862
NA1855Bright; Thomas (1814-c.1888); Mr; J.P. brother of John1814-c.1888
NA1827Bright; Caroline (fl 1849-1880); Mrs; née Coultate wife of Thomas Brightfl 1849-1880
NA1775Bright; John (1811-1889); Mr; statesman1811-1899
NA1747Bright; Jacob (1821-1899); Mr; M.P. and women's suffrage campaigner1821-1899
NA2033Bright; Ursula M. (c.1830-1915); Mrs; née Mellor known as 'Uslie' equal rights campaignerc.1830-1915
NA2053Baynes; Oswald (fl 1862); Mrfl 1862
NA2054Courtauld; - (fl 1862); Missfl 1862
NA1812Thomasson; Catharine (fl 1841-1887); Mrs; 'Kate' née Lucasfl 1841-1887
NA1821McLaren; Grant (fl 1849-1888)fl 1849-1888
NA2041Poulton; - (fl 1859-1862); Mrsfl 1859-1862
NA1956McLaren; Walter S.B. (1853-1912); Mr; Liberal M.P. and women's suffrage campaigner1853-1912
NA920McLaren; Priscilla (1815-1906); née Bright social reformer1815-1906
NA1748Lucas; Margaret (fl 1829-1887); Mrs; 'Maggie' née Brightfl 1829-1887
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