Document ReferenceMi D 743
TitleQuitclaim, John de Riparis to William son of Nicholas de St Elena and wife Willemina. Location: East Markham, West Markham and Milton, Nottinghamshire
Date5 February 1312
Content DescriptionJohn de Riparis, senior dominus of Ordsall releases to William son of Nicholas de St. Elena and to his wife Willemina total claims to all lands and tenements and rents with all his tenants in East Markham, West Markham and Milton with all demesne land and tenements and all those held in villeinage along with goods, rents feudal dues which pertain to the said land.

Terms: To be held by William and his wife and their heirs or assigns as capital demesne fee in perpetuity.

Date: Sunday next after Feast of Purification of B.V.M. 5 Edward II.

Witness: Saundby (Saundeby), Robert de, dominus, miles & Heriz, Hugo de, dominus, miles & Wolleryngton, Robert (of Eaton) & Sarleby, Hugo de & Fown, Peter & Harwod, Thomas de
Termdemesne land
Physical DescriptionRed wax; round.
Tag seal in very worn condition; endorsed by Sir Francis Willoughby.
ConditionFair; heavy staining along right edge.

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