Document ReferenceMi 2/77/47
TitleQuitclaim. Location: Cossall, Nottinghamshire
Content DescriptionCharter: Grant and Confirmation
Subject: land around Cossall
Parties: 1 Stephen Grenehod; 2 Hugh de Cossall

Confirmation and release by Stephen Grenehod to Hugo de Coshale of all claim to all land with all its appurtenances held of Richard de Trowell, namely all land of Brockeshale which lies between watercourse 'doitum' of Brockeshale and le Calwehil and of the road from Cossall to Brockeshale as far as the boundaries of the woods of Gilbert, son of Roger de Brunesley and that of Robert de Stretley and 2 perches of land on each part of the watercourse 24 feet in front to build 'firmand' one millpond.

Terms: To be held by Hugo de Coshale in perpetuity of Stephen Grenehod and his heirs, rendering annually to Richard de Trowell and his heirs 7/-, half at Martinmas and at Nativity of St. John Baptist respectively for all services, customary dues and demands; for this concession and quitclaim, Hugo has freed the said land of debts to Jews of 8 marks and freed Stephen to Robert de Stretley of 7 marks.

Date: Handwriting; also Robert Passeys died 1246 c.

Witness: Passeys, Robert de, fl 1230, Stapleford (Stapelford), Hugo de, fl 1230, Brinsley (Brunesley), Robert de, fl 1230, Strelley, Geoffrey de, clerk, fl 1230, Beleu, Robert de, fl 1230, Cossall, William of, fl 1230 (son of Roger de Cossall), Lung, Adam le, fl 1230 (of Cossall), Trowell, Hugo of, fl 1230 (son of Henry of Trowell), Ruffus (Ruffi), Gilbert, fl 1230, Teverney, Hugo de, fl 1230, Watnall (Wathenho), Simon de, fl 1230
Physical DescriptionParchment 14 x 12.8 cms; tag seal (missing). Endorsed by unidentified late 17c hand.

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