Document ReferenceDe Wm C 243
TitleLetter from Sir W.T. Denison, Government House, Sydney, Australia, to W.E. Denison and F.G. Denison; 21 Sept. 1856
Date21 September 1856
Extent2 ff
Content DescriptionDiscusses family and household news; comments on need to bring religion into every aspect of their lives; describes visit to the theatre; discusses resignation of [Charles] Cowper; he is to start collection of rare poultry; refers to [Tasmanian] political appointments; comment on his Bible study; refers to Pitcairn Islanders [on Norfolk Island] suffering bread shortage; a new ministry has been appointed under [Henry] Parker; refers to future travel plans; comments on progress of [Sydney] museum; informs them that his aide-de-camp [William] Naper is leaving; comments on his garden; refers to inspecting military buildings; discusses innovative American agricultural tools; refers to [Stuart] Donaldson's defeat at Sydney Hamlets and news of other elections.

Discusses his health and family news; advises them not to waste time with frivolities; comments on his new horse; discusses attending various meetings and public events; he is to establish park for deer and other animals.

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Termreligious observance
family news, Denison family
entertainments, theatre
appointments, political
governments, Australian 1856
colonies, Norfolk Island
agricultural improvements
elections, Australia 1856
birds, poultry
resignations and dismissals, Charles Cowper
museums, Sydney Museum
appointments, colonial

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA8719Wilmot; R.C. Chester Eardley- (1822-1910); Mr; Tasmanian public servant1822-1910
NA8699Cooper; Daniel (1821-1902); 1st Baronet; speaker legislative assembly New South Wales 1856-601821-1902
NA8901Allwood; Robert (1803-1891); Rev.; Australian clergyman1803-1891
NA1899Arnold; Thomas (1795-1842); Dr; headmaster of Rugby school 1828-42; author1795-1842
NA8962Wesley; John (1703-1791); Mr; founder of Methodism1703-1791
NA8789Cowper; Charles (1807-1875); Sir; Australian politician1807-1875
NA8790Parker; Henry W. (1808-1881); Sir; Australian politician1808-1881
NA8739Donaldson; Stuart A. (1812-1867); Sir; Australian politician1812-1867
NA8741Darvall; John B. (1809-1883); Sir; barrister and politician1809-1883
NA8957Holt; Thomas (1811-1888); Mr; Australian politician1811-1888
NA8748Fremantle; Stephen G. (1810-1860); Captain; naval officer son of Sir T.R. Fremantle1810-1860
NA8734Naper; William D. (1830-1915); Lieutenant-Colonel; aide-de-camp to W.T. Denison1830-1915
NA216Denison; Alfred R. (1816-1887); brother and private secretary to J.E. Denison1816-1887
NA8801Bloomfield; Henry K. (-1870); Colonel-1870
NA8795Campbell; John (1802-1886); Mr; Australian merchant and politician1802-1886
NA8946Campbell; Robert (1804-1859); Mr; Australian merchant and politician brother of J. Campbell1804-1859
NA8793Ward; Edward W. (1823-1890); Sir; military engineer1823-1890
NA208Denison; Caroline L. (1818-1899); Lady Denison; née Hornby wife of William T. Denison1818-1899
NA8694Denison; Mary C. (1839-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1839-
NA8698Breeks; Susan M. (1841-); Mrs; daughter of W.T. Denison1841-
NA8696Denison; Caroline E. (1850-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1850-
NA8697Denison; James E. (1853-1892); Rev.; son of W.T. Denison1853-1892
NA8791Hay; John (1816-1892); Sir; Australian politician1816-1892
NA8737Manning; William M. (1811-1895); Sir; barrister and politician1811-1895
NA8742Nichols; George R. (1809-1857); Mr; lawyer and politician1809-1857
NA8963Hill; Edward S. (1819-1880); Mr; Australian naturalist brother-in-law of Sir D. Cooper1819-1880
NA8814Riley; - (fl 1855-1858); Serjeant; servant to William T. Denison in Sydney Australiafl 1855-1858
NA8813Bloxsome; - (fl 1856); Mr; market gardener in Sydney Australiafl 1856
NA8796Scott; - (fl 1856-1858); Captain; A.D.C. to Sir W.T. Denison 186-8; of the 11th Footfl 1856-1858
NA207Denison; William T. (1804-1871); Sir; colonial governor brother of J.E. Denison knighted 18461804-1871
NA209Denison; William E. (1843-1916); Captain; son of W.T. Denison1843-1916
NA210Denison; Frank G. (1844-); son of W.T. Denison1844-
PL123/Van Diemen's Land
PL8807/Hobart Town/Tasmania
PL8760/Norfolk Island/Australia
PL8737/Parramatta/New South Wales/Australia
PL8751/Sydney/New South Wales/Australia
PL122/New South Wales/Australia
PL8757/Botany Bay/New South Wales/Australia
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