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TitleLetter from Sir W.T. Denison, Sydney, Australia, to W.E. Denison and F.G. Denison; 31 Aug. n.y. [1856]
Date31 August 1856 (c)
Extent2 ff
Content DescriptionInforms them of family news; comments on various religious matters; refers to social events; his brother Charles has sent gifts from India; describes transplanting tree in his garden; discusses G.C. Lewis's book 'Enquiry into the Credibility of the Early Roman History' ; states that he believes it is important not to question what cannot be proved; refers to [Thomas B.] Macaulay's 'Lays of Ancient Rome' and discusses the importance of self-denial; describes incident when he rewarded some children for giving food to native [Australian].

Discusses attending meetings of Philosophical and Horticultural societies; comments on [Charles] Cowper's new ministry; expresses pleasure at [William's] 'double remove' [at Eton]; refers to visit by Mr [Eardley-]Wilmot; discusses importance of Bible study; states that there is to be vote of no confidence in Cowper's Government; discusses his own shell collection and that at Sydney Museum; he intends to start collection of poultry; asks them to write more regularly.

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Termreligions, Church of England
horticulture, trees
publications, books
clubs and societies
governments, Australian 1856
education, public school
birds, poultry
social life, Australia
family news, Denison family

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA8694Denison; Mary C. (1839-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1839-
NA8698Breeks; Susan M. (1841-); Mrs; daughter of W.T. Denison1841-
NA8749Denison; Charles (1855-1858); Mr; son of W.T. Denison1855-1858
NA8697Denison; James E. (1853-1892); Rev.; son of W.T. Denison1853-1892
NA8792Denison; Ellen M. (1851-1858); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1851-1858
NA8696Denison; Caroline E. (1850-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1850-
NA208Denison; Caroline L. (1818-1899); Lady Denison; née Hornby wife of William T. Denison1818-1899
NA8688Denison; Charles A. (1819-1877); Lieutenant-Colonel; brother of J.E. Denison1819-1877
NA8703Hill; Richard (1810-1895); Mr; pastoralist and politician1810-1895
NA8884Macaulay; Thomas Babington (1800-1859); 1st Baron Macaulay; cr. 1857; historian; M.P. for Calne 1830, Leeds 1832-1834, Edinburgh 1839-1847 and 1852-1856; scretary of war 1839-1841; member of the Supreme Council of India 1834-18381800-1859
NA2281Lewis; George C. (1806-1863); Sir; Liberal M.P.1806-1863
NA8959Niebuhr; Barthold G. (1776-1831); Herr; German historian1776-1831
NA8705Denison; Henry P. (1848-1940); Rev.; son of W.T. Denison1848-1940
NA8695Denison; Lucy E. (1846-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1846-
NA8817Guilfoyle; Michael (-1884); Mr; nurseryman-1884
NA8789Cowper; Charles (1807-1875); Sir; Australian politician1807-1875
NA8719Wilmot; R.C. Chester Eardley- (1822-1910); Mr; Tasmanian public servant1822-1910
NA8960Aaron; Isaac (1804-1877); Dr; medical doctor and sanitary reformer1804-1877
NA8961Angas; George F. (1822-1886); Mr; artist and explorer director of Sydney museum 1852-591822-1886
NA207Denison; William T. (1804-1871); Sir; colonial governor brother of J.E. Denison knighted 18461804-1871
NA209Denison; William E. (1843-1916); Captain; son of W.T. Denison1843-1916
NA210Denison; Frank G. (1844-); son of W.T. Denison1844-
PL8735/Lane Cove/New South Wales/Australia
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