Document ReferenceDL 2/1-96
TitleSeries of correspondence concerning will and trust of C.A. Denison; 1877-85
Extent96 items
Content DescriptionConsists of correspondence and papers arising from death of Charles A. Denison; includes details of will and appointment of trustees and executors; refers to valuation of estate and legacies; includes details of investments in railways and property in India; refers to Charles Denison's legacy from estate of Viscount Ossington; includes details of shares in Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company [P & O]; includes list of legatees.
Termfinancial affairs, investments
legal business, inheritances
taxation, estate duty
taxation, legacy duty
legal business, wills
legal business, trusts

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA213Lee and Pemberton; solicitors
NA9312Oriental Bank Company
NA9313Madras Railway Company
NA9314Peninsular and Orient Steam Navigation Company
NA8688Denison; Charles A. (1819-1877); Lieutenant-Colonel; brother of J.E. Denison1819-1877
NA8764Phillimore; Walter G.F. (1845-1929); 1st Baron Phillimore; nephew of J.E. Denison1845-1929
NA216Denison; Alfred R. (1816-1887); brother and private secretary to J.E. Denison1816-1887
NA1017Denison; George A. (1805-1896); Rev.; archdeacon of Taunton 1851 brother of J.E. Denison1805-1896
NA8802Denison; George C. (fl 1863-1882); Mr; son of W.T. Denisonfl 1863-1882
NA199Denison; J. Evelyn (1800-1873); 1st Viscount Ossington; M.P. Speaker of House of Commons 1857-72 created Viscount Ossington 18721800-1873
NA215Denison; Louisa E. (1841-1919); daughter of E. Denison1841-1919
NA9165Meade; Lucy E. (1843-1918); Mrs; née Jacob, niece of J.E. Denison1843-1918
NA8693Grant; Patrick (1804-1895); Sir; field marshal1804-1895
NA9166Richards; Mary F. (1840-); Mrs; née Jacob niece of J.E. Denison1840-
NA8698Breeks; Susan M. (1841-); Mrs; daughter of W.T. Denison1841-
NA8705Denison; Henry P. (1848-1940); Rev.; son of W.T. Denison1848-1940
NA8697Denison; James E. (1853-1892); Rev.; son of W.T. Denison1853-1892
NA8695Denison; Lucy E. (1846-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1846-
NA8696Denison; Caroline E. (1850-); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denison1850-
NA8704Denison; Alfred J. (1857-1943); Mr; son of W.T. Denison1857-1943
NA8802Denison; George C. (fl 1863-1882); Mr; son of W.T. Denisonfl 1863-1882
NA9174Denison; Katherine M. (fl 1873-1878); Miss; daughter of W.T. Denisonfl 1873-1878
NA9169Fisher; Edith (1850-); Mrs; née Jacob, niece of J.E. Denison1850-
NA9168Jacob; Eleanor (1850-); Miss; niece of J.E. Denison1850-
NA9170Jacob; Edward (1856-); Mr; nephew of J.E. Denison1856-
NA9315Phillimore; Lucy (-1931); Miss; niece of J.E. Denison-1931
NA214Denison; Susan A. (1845-1930); niece of J. E. Denison1845-1930
NA9172Denison; Charlotte J. (1849-); Miss; daughter of S.C. Denison1849-
NA9173Denison; Stephen (fl 1873-1878); Mr; son of S.C. Denisonfl 1873-1878
NA9317Phillimore; Alice G. (-1906); Miss; niece of J.E. Denison-1906
NA9318Haines; Frederick P. (1819-1909); Sir; field marshal1819-1909
NA9319Elwin; Robert (fl 1878); Mr; of Madras Indiafl 1878
NA71498Phillimore; Catherine M. (-1929); Miss; niece of J.E. Denison, Viscount Ossington-1929
PL8957/Brent East/Somerset/England
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