Document ReferenceAN/PB 344/17
Titlechurchwarden presentment, Everton, Retford deanery, 7.5.1680
Date7 May 1680
Extent1 f
Content DescriptionChurchwardens present the following: Thomas Farnsworth, husbandman, for not paying his church levy, the sum of 4d; Tho. Denton, weaver, for the like, 6d; Gervas Lambert, cordwainer, for the like, 6d; John Campsell, tailor, for the like, 1s 6d; Ellen Jebson, widow, for the like, 1s 2d; John Campsell for the like, 3d; Gervas Lambert and Thomas Denton aforesaid for the like, 3s; Thomas Parnell, husbandman, for the like, 2d; Zach. Bawre, husbandman, Robt Garrett, weaver, John Birsneck, blacksmith, Robert Spavin, husbandman, Thomas Farnsworth, husbandman, Ellen Jebson, widow, and Elizab. Glover, widow, for not repairing their part of the churchyard fence; [added in another hand:] likewise Robt Spavald for not paying his church levy, 2s 4d; Tho. Parnell for the same, 2s 2d; Ellen Gepson for the same, 1s 8d; Robert Nichalson for the same, 1s 2d; Zachary Bauer for the same, 1s 10d; Robt Garret for the same, 1s 9d; Tho. Farnsworth for the same, 1s 9d; John Birked for the same, 1s 3d.
Written in another hand, 'emt in 22 Julij'.
Termtaxation, church dues
buildings, churches, churchyard repairs

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NAI101260Farnsworth, Thomas, -, fl 1675-1684 (husbandman, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101261Denton, Thomas, -, fl 1676-1681 (weaver, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101262Lambert, Gervase, -, fl 1671-1686 (shoemaker/cordwainer, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101263Campsall, John, -, fl 1663-1686 (tailor, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101264Jepson, Ellen, Mrs, fl 1676-1684 (widow, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101265Parnell, Thomas, -, fl 1680-1684 (husbandman, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101266Bower, Zacharias, -, fl 1676-1686 (husbandman, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101267Garrett, Robert, -, fl 1665-1686 (weaver, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101268Birks, John, -, fl 1680-1686 (blacksmith, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101269Spavald, Robert, -, fl 1680-1686 (husbandman, of Scaftworth in the parish of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101270Glover, Elizabeth, Mrs, fl 1670-1680 (wife, later widow, of John Glover of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101271Nicholson, Robert, -, fl 1676-1686 (husbandman, of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101272Birkett, John, -, fl 1680 (of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101273Moore, James, -, fl 1668-1680 (churchwarden of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
NAI101274Swanwick, William, -, fl 1680 (churchwarden of Everton, Nottinghamshire)
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