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De Wm C 251

23 May 1857

Incomplete letter from Sir W.T. Denison, Government House, Sydney, Australia, to W.E. Denison and...

De Wm C 260

25 January 1857 (c)

Letter from Sir W.T. Denison, Sydney, Australia, to W.E. Denison and F.G. Denison; 25 Jan. n.y...

Ne C 5256

2 December 1825

Copy of a letter from G. Swinton, Fort William, Calcutta, Bengal, India, to Charles, 1st Baron...

Ne C 5258

2 December 1825

Copy of a letter from Lord Amherst, T. Harrington, and W. Bayley, Fort William, Calcutta, Bengal...

Ne C 8104/3

3 March 1843

Printed letter from Sir Charles Metcalfe, Liverpool, Lancashire, to J.S. Buckingham; 3 Mar. 1843

Ne C 10112/2

29 July 1853 (c)

Printed report from George D. Campbell, 8th Duke of Argyll, presenting the facts in the case of...

Ne C 12811/97

1 April 1844

Printed return from the House of Commons, Westminster, London; 1 Apr. 1844

Os C 217

10 June 1860

Letter from [C.J. Canning], Earl Canning, Calcutta, India, to J.E. Denison; 10 June 1860