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Ne 6 D 2/47/112

20 November 1822

Deed of covenant from Samuel Davy and his wife and John Fletcher to Robert Pashley to levy and...

Ne 6 D 2/47/113

3 November 1822

Final concord for a messuage, cottages and land in the parish of Whitwell, Derbyshire and another...

Ne 6 D 2/47/115-116

2 July 1823-3 July 1823

Appointment by lease and release in fee from Messrs Davy and Fletcher to Henry Keyworth of...

Ne 6 D 2/47/117

3 July 1823

Assignment from J.R. Parkin and others [as the executors of the will of John Parkin, deceased] to...

Ne 6 D 2/47/118-119

4 July 1823-5 July 1823

Lease and release and appointment from John Fletcher to Samuel Davy and his Trustee of the equity...

Ne 6 D 2/47/147

17 December 1810

Copy will of Mr William Davy of Warsop, Nottinghamshire; 17 Dec. 1810

Ne 6 D 2/47/149

31 December 1836

Copy administration to the effects of Samuel Davy of Warsop, Nottinghamshire [deceased]; 31 Dec...

Ne 6 D 2/47/153


Extracts from the parish registers for Warsop, Nottinghamshire for the marriage and baptisms of...