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Ey 175

21 April 1720

Assignment from Anthony Eyre of Rampton to Elizabeth, Katherine and Diana, his sisters, of two...

Ey 177-183


Deed and papers relating to the purchase of the manors of Adwick le Street and Hangthwaite...

Ey 184


Probate copy of will of Anthony Eyre of Adwick in the Street, Yorkshire; 1749

Ne 6 D 1/3/1/94

1828 post

'Deed Poll of Appointment by Mr Leving and his Son of the Barony of Grove to the use of Mr Leving...

Ne 6 D 1/3/1/95

10 April 1747

Copy deed from William Leving to Katharine Green and Elizabeth Green providing additional...

Ne 6 D 1/3/1/96

1826 post

Copy assignment from Anthony Eyre and others to the Trustees of Morgan Vane of a term of 300...

Ne 6 D 2/38/114

10 April 1742

Copy mortgage from William Levinz and others to Catherine and Elizabeth Green of the manors of...