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Ne D 4122-4123

13 October 1693-14 October 1693

Lease and release to lead uses of a fine from Sir Thomas Williamson and his wife to William Balle...

Ne D 4125

28 November 1693

Exemplification of a final concord (Latin) from Thomas White and Robert to Shafto to William...

Ne D 4126

19 December 1693

Assignment from Robert Hasilrige and John White to Thomas White and Robert Shafto of property in...

Ne D 4127

20 December 1693

Assignment for the residue of a 10,000 year term from Skeffington Brome and others to John Neale...

Ne D 4128-4129

21 December 1693-22 December 1693

Lease and release from Thomas White and Robert Shafto to 4th Earl of Clare [later 3rd Duke of...

Ne D 4138

4 April 1703

Will of Sir Thomas Williamson, 2nd Baronet, of Monk Weremouth, Durham; 4 Apr. 1703

Ne D 4139

2 March 1704

Copy decree in chancery for the sale of the estate of Sir Thomas Williamson for the payment of...

Ne D 4147/2

9 November 1704

Decree in chancery in the cause of Jane Williamson and others against Thomas White and others; 9...