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BK 6/1/7/19

17 March 1774

Letter from Samuel Greig, Leghorn (Livorno), Italy, to Captain John Bentinck (in English); 17 Mar...

MS 993/1

14 January 1790-2 May 1791

Digital copy of journal of Captain William Bentinck [1764-1813]; 1790-1791

Ne 6 D 2/47/201

12 February 1803

Attested copy lease [wanting] and release from Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk and others of...

Pl C 52/8

1 July 1801

Letter from Sir Joseph Banks, Soho Square, London to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland; 1...

Pw F 248

30 July 1795

Letter from Sir Joseph Banks, Soho Square, London, to [W.H.C. Cavendish-Bentinck] 3rd Duke of...

Pw F 4098

4 September 1795

Letter from King George III, Weymouth [Dorset], to [W.H. Cavendish-Bentinck], 3rd Duke of...

Pw V 110/148

19 November 1796

Copy of letter from [W.H.C. Bentinck], 3rd Duke of Portland, to Sir Joseph Banks, pp 216-217 in...