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Pw A 1181

29 April 1697

Letter from John, Lord Somers to King William III; 29 Apr. 1697

Pw2 Hy

1602-1738 (c)

Papers of the Harley Family, 1602-1738, in the Portland (Welbeck) Collection

Pw2 Hy 233


Unsigned letter to Thomas, Paul and Philip Foley, Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London; n.d...

Pw2 Hy 234

7 February 1702

Letter from Philip Foley, Prestwood, Staffordshire, to Thomas Foley [later Baron Foley of...

Pw2 Hy 235

5 March 1691

Letter from T. Matthew to T. Foley [later Baron Foley of Kidderminster]; 5 Mar. 1690/1