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De Wm F 5

1907 (c)

Printed pedigree of the family of Denison of Wakefield, Methley and Leeds, Yorkshire, compiled by...



Papers of Lee and Pemberton, Solicitors, arising from the estate of John Evelyn Denison, Viscount...

DL 2/97


Legal file originally containing correspondence and legal papers concerning estate of H. Denison...

DL 2/98

10 July 1934

Draft assignment of share of trust funds from E.B. Denison to W.V. and H.A. Denison; 10 July 1934

DL 2/101

4 April 1919

Copy of deferred charge and mortgage between H. Denison and sureties, and General Reversionary...

DL 2/102-103

16 November 1938-17 November 1938

Copies of typescript letters between Messrs. Lee and Pemberton, H.A. Denison and Estate Duty...

DL 2/114

22 November 1938

Statement of interests in estate of H. Denison; 22 Nov. 1938

DL 2/122-137


Series of accounts relating to trustees and beneficiaries of marriage settlement of H. Denison...

DL 2/138-144


Lists of investments and costs arising from trust fund of marriage settlement of H. Denison; 1940

DL 2/145

16 October 1940

Copy of letter from Estate Duty Office, Llandudno, Wales, to Messrs. Lee and Pemberton, London...

DL 2/146-149


Accounts relating to estate of H. Denison; 1938-41

DL 2/150-153

20 November 1940-11 February 1941

Letters between W.N. Brackett, 13 Bridgegate, Retford, Nottinghamshire, to Messrs. Lee and...

DL 2/154-174


Series of legal papers, notes and correspondence concerning marriage settlement fund of H...

DL 2/162

29 October 1934

Draft appointment of W.V. Denison and H.A. Denison as new trustees of marriage settlement of H...

DL 2/164-172

12 August 1935-31 December 1936

Receipts for purchase and sale of stocks by Messrs. Robert Wigram and Co., 7 Lothbury Street...

DL 2/175-191

October 1938-March 1939

Receipts and bills of costs arising from illness and death of H. Denison; Oct. 1938-Mar. 1939

DL 2/192-193


Account of H.A. Denison, F.B. Whately and R.B. Pemberton for 1938; 1941

DL 2/194-198


List of beneficiaries and notes of accounts relating to trust fund of estate of H. Denison; 1941-42

DL 2/200-221


Series of accounts relating to trustees and beneficiaries of marriage settlement of H. Denison; 1941

DL 2/222-224


Notes and memoranda concerning accounts of Mrs E. Sarel, H.A. Denison, G.L. Denison, S.C. Denison...