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Os C 603

25 October 1849

Letter from James Loch, Douglas Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland, to J.E. Denison; 25 Oct. 1849

Os C 604

27 October 1849

Letter from G. Loch, Old Hall, Worsley, Lancashire, to J.E. Denison; 27 Oct. 1849

Os C 605

29 November 1849

Letter from [F. Egerton], 1st Earl of Ellesmere, Worsley, Lancashire, to J.E. Denison; 29 Nov. 1849

Os C 607

16 March 1850

Letter from George Loch and Henry Booth, representatives of Bridgewater Trustees, London and...

Os C 608

15 March 1850

Fair copy minutes of conference between London and North Western and Lancashire and Yorkshire...