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La Ac 1/1/23

23 October 1903

Postcard from D.H. Lawrence to Miss Gertie Cooper, Lynn Croft, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire; [23 Oct...

La Ch 81/5


Photograph of J.D. Chambers outside the Portland Building, University of Nottingham; undated [c...

La Ch 81/6


Photograph of Anne Howard, Margaret Needham, Julia Weekley and Joan King at the opening of 'D.H...

La R 8/2

13 June 2003

Text used by John Worthen, Professor of D.H. Lawrence studies at the University of Nottingham, to...

La S 2/3/4

7 Sep-13 October 1985

Poster for the exhibition, 'D.H. Lawrence A Life in Literature' held at the University of...

La S 2/8

17 October 2001

Paper entitled 'Writing Lawrence's Biography' given by Professor John Worthen at the D.H...

MS 565/49


Photograph of the 1st Carnival?; c.1920s-c.1930s.

MS 977


Papers relating to the Lace Industry collected by Norman H. Cuthbert, primarily focussing on the...

MS 983


Papers collected by Ronald Geoffrey Bradley, former Equipment Officer at the University of...

MS 995


University ephemera and papers relating to alumnus David Guest's role in the Students' Union...

Ne 6 D 21/28

9 June 1955

Counterpart agreement from the Trustees of the Will of the 7th Duke of Newcastle and The...

Ne 6 D 21/36

1 May 1984

Agreement by the 9th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne and his Trustees for the loan of manuscripts to...

UU 4


Records of the Anglican and Methodist Societies of The University of Nottingham and related...

UU 4/2


Later records of the Anglican Society of The University of Nottingham; 1975-1998

UU 4/3


Records of the Methodist Society of The University of Nottingham; 1978-1998

UU 4/4


Records of Christian Focus and it's predecessor the Joint Anglican and Methodist Society of The...

UU 4/5


Accounts of the Christian Association of The University of Nottingham; 1981-1983