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DL 153


Draft authority by W.E. Denison to A.R. Denison and W.G.F. Phillimore to sell £5,000 of...

Ne 6 D 17/1/7

25 March 1863

Agreement between Mrs Anne A. Hope and [Henry P.A. Pelham-Clinton] Earl of Lincoln [later 6th...

Ne C 3367

17 October 1766

Letter from J. Hume, Bishop of Salisbury, Cuddesdon, to H.F. Clinton, 9th Earl of Lincoln [later...

Os C 446

14 July 1849

Letter from A. Macdonnell, Tyrone House, Dublin, Ireland to J.E. Denison; 17 July 1849

Os C 522

28 November 1853

Letter from W.E. Gladstone, Hawarden, Wales, to J.E. Denison; 28 Nov. 1853

Os C 610

24 February 1854

Letter from John Simpson, 29 Saville Row, London, to J.E. Denison; 24 Feb. 1854

Os C 906/2

9 February 1866

Envelope containing letter from George, 2nd Duke of Cambridge, Gloucester House, Park Lane...

Os C 933


Printed pamphlet by Rev. J. Oakley entitled 'The Conscience Clause. Its History, Terms, Effect...

Pl C 4/9

17 February 1801

Letter from Mark Goodflesh, Brentford, Middlesex to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland...

Pl C 9/24

29 July 1781

Letter from John Bindley to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland; 29 July 1781

Pl C 10/13/1

6 June 1799

Memorial from Count Bartholomew O'Mahoney, 44 Georges Street, London; 6 June 1799

Pl C 27/53

13 March 1779

Letter from William Speechly, Welbeck, Nottinghamshire to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland...

Pl C 30/14


Letter from [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland; n.d. [1775-1777]

Pl C 51/8

31 May 1795

Letter from Dr Cyril Jackson, Ch[rist] Ch[urch], Oxford, Oxfordshire to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd...

Pl C 52/68

23 June 1801

Letter from Dr Patrick Colquhoun, James Street, London to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland...

Pl C 52/135

16 June 1800

Letter from [R. Payne] 1st Baron Lavington, St Christopher's [West Indies] to [W.H.C. Bentinck...

Pl C 52/176

2 May 1801

Unsigned letter, probably from John Heaton, Burlington Street, London to [W.H.C. Cavendish...

Pl E10/8/1/1


Rental for the Marylebone, Dover Street and Clerkenwell estates, Middlesex; 1749

Pl L4/26/1-45

1 January 1853-30 December 1853

Bundle of miscellaneous legal correspondence and other papers; 1 Jan.-30 Dec. 1853