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De A 31/2

18 December 1784

Attested copy of release of lands in Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and...

Ne 6 D 2/47/151


Extracts from parish registers for the baptisms, marriages and burials of the Hudson family of...

Ne 6 EC 1/12/5


Correspondence file relating to the visit to Clumber Park [Nottinghamshire] and Welbeck [Abbey...

Ne C 3469

24 February 1776

Letter from W. Mason, Eaton, Nottinghamshire, to H.F.C. Pelham-Clinton, 2nd Duke of Newcastle...

Ne C 4490/14

9 August 1793

Receipt from the Red Lion, Doncaster; 9 Aug. 1793

Ne D 3144

18 January 1699

Attested copy of a settlement leading use of a fine from Sir Thomas Travell and his wife to James...

Ne D 3146

18 January 1722

Will of Sir Thomas Travell, of Milborne Weeke [Wick], Somerset; 18 Jan. 1721/2

Ne D 3147

12 February 1730

Will of William Sclater of Exeter, Devon; 12 Feb. 1729/30

Ne D 3148-3149

14 September 1742

Office and attested copy of the will of Anna Maria Wyatt of Sidmouth, Devon; 14 Sep. 1742

Ne D 3150-3151

31 October 1748

Two copies of the will of William Hartiput of Exeter, Devon; 31 Oct. 1748

Os C 730

6 September 1864

Letter from E. Beckett Denison, 2 Crescent, Buxton, Derbyshire, to J.E. Denison; 6 Sept. 1864

Os C 1312


Incomplete letter from Rev. F.C. Cook, Lincoln Deanery, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, to J.E. Denison; n...

Pl C 27/16

4 April 1779

Letter from John Cleaver, Carburton, Nottinghamshire to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland; 4...

Pl C 37/13

7 December 1745

Letter in French from P. Grandey, London to John Achard; 7 Dec. 1745

Pw F 1905

14 September 1770

Letter from R. Brown, Big Market, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to W.H.C Cavendish-Bentinck, 3rd Duke of...

Pw V 111/62

8 July 1798

Copy of letter from [W.H.C. Bentinck], 3rd Duke of Portland, to James Sowerby, Doncaster...

Pw V 120/45

10 June 1743

Letter from Thomas [Herring] Archbishop of York [later Archbishop of Canterbury], Bishopthorp to...

Pw V 120/60

19 September 1748

Letter from Thomas Herring, Archbishop of Canterbury to his cousin brother William Herring...