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La Ac 1/1/23

23 October 1903

Postcard from D.H. Lawrence to Miss Gertie Cooper, Lynn Croft, Eastwood, Nottinghamshire; [23 Oct...

La Mc


Correspondence and memoirs of Lawrence's contemporaries, and papers relating to the publication...

La Phot


Photographic holdings on D.H. Lawrence, 1894-1995, in the D.H. Lawrence Collection

La X 12


Items relating to D H Lawrence and the D H Lawrence Greasley Beauvale School; 1893-2000

La X 12/1


Photographs showing D.H. Lawrence related celebrations at the Greasley Beauvale D.H. Lawrence...

La X 12/2


Aerial photograph of the Greasley Beauvale D.H. Lawrence Infant School; n.d. [c.1980s]

La X 12/3


Two copies of the Greasley Board School, Boys' School log book including information about D.H...

Mi D 58

12 November 1473

Inspeximus, dated 3 February 1544, of an agreement for a chaplaincy for the soul of Richard...

Mi D 59

12 August 1538

Lease, prior and convent of Beauvale to Sir John Willoughby. Location: Beauvale, Nottinghamshire

Mi D 59/1

21 December 1502

Concession of a chantry for the souls of John, Lord of Clinton and Say, and Richard Willoughby...

Mi D 60

12 June 1543

Royal order concerning lease to Sir William Horsey. Location: Beauvale, Nottinghamshire

MS 565/70


Photograph of Beauvale Lodge near Moorgreen Reservoir, Nottinghamshire; c.1920s-c.1930s.

Ne D 5664-Ne D 5675

1250 (c)-1755

Miscellaneous bundle of unconnected English and Latin deeds; 12th century-1755

Ne D 5667

11 March 1484

Letter of fraternity from Nicholas, Prior of Beauvale, Nottinghamshire to John Seyman and his...

Pl F4/1/1

15 January 1692-16 January 1692

Settlement made previous to the marriage of Algernon, Earl of Essex and Lady Mary Bentinck; 15-16...

Pl F4/1/4

2 March 1692-3 March 1692

Conveyance of Essex House, Pall Mall and timber growing upon the estates of the Earl of Essex...