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De Wm O 11

October 1903

Unpublished report by Miss L.E. Denison for the members of the education committee 'S.A.C.S...

De Wm O 12


Unpublished report concerning employment of English women in Africa, collected in Cape Colony by...

Ga C


Papers of the Monckton-Arundell Family, Viscounts Galway of Serlby Hall, Nottinghamshire, 1590-1930

Me 4 C 5/19

17 February 1885

Letter from Ralph Allen, at Taung, Bechuanaland, South Africa, to his aunt Maggie [Margaret...

Ne 6 A 12/25


Accounts of the Estate of the late Mrs A.A. Hope [Hope Trust] for the year ending 1932; 1932

Ne C 8779-14145, Ne C 15408


Papers of Henry Pelham-Clinton, 5th Duke of Newcastle under Lyne (1811-1864), politician and...

Os C 295

12 November 1849

Letter from Sir W.T. Denison, [Van Diemen's Land], to J.E. Denison; 12 Nov. 1849

Os C 305


Notes on emigration by J.E. Denison; n.d. [1847-48]

Os C 461

1 June 1850

Letter from H. Denison, to J.E. Denison; 1 June 1850

Os C 464


Letter from H. Denison, Brighton, Sussex, to J.E. Denison; n.d. [1850-52]

Os C 465


Letter from H. Denison, to J.E. Denison; n.d. [1850-52]

Os C 1594

5 November 1899

Letter from [E.A.C. Lygon], Countess Beauchamp, Madresfield Court, Madresfield, Worcestershire...

Os C 1616

5 October 1899

Letter from Sir H.D. Erskine, House of Commons, Westminster, London, to Miss L. Denison; 5 Oct. 1899

Os C 1816

1907 (c)

List of addresses of colonial libraries to be sent copies of 'Notes from my Journal'; n.d. [1907]

Pl F10/5/6/1-70

27 July 1913-28 November 1924

Bundle of correspondence, etc. re the Duke of Portland's investment in The St Lucia Sugar Company...

Pl F10/7/8


Bundle of correspondence, accounts, etc. re Lady Gallwey's affairs and the Duke of Portland's...