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Ne 6 D 2/47/14

27 July 1814

Printed Act for exchanging parts of the settled estates of Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk...

Ne 6 D 2/47/202

26 December 1814

Attested copy settlement for the estates of Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk; 26 Dec. 1814...

Ne 6 D 2/47/203

26 November 1814

Attested copy release from Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk to Henry Silverlock esq. to lead...

Ne 6 D 2/47/214

28 November 1838

Copy administration of the effects of Sir Philip Musgrave, 6th Baronet Musgrave of Eden Hall...



A collection of manuscript maps and plans of Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire, 1719-1840

Sp 10

16 June 1838

Map of Whiston, Yorkshire, surveyed by F. J. Turner; 1838