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late 12th century-1945

Family and Estate Papers of the Clifton Family of Clifton, Nottinghamshire, late 12th century-1945

DL 2/693


Copy of disentailing assurance dated 9 July 1886 between H. Denison and B. Huntsman relating to...

DL 2/1454-1457

22 April 1942-7 May 1942

Carbon copy and typescript letters between Messrs. Lee and Pemberton, 44 Lincoln's Inn Fields...

DL 3/47-122


Series of conveyances and legal papers contained in original legal file arising from marriage...

Ga 2 E 197

4 January 1921

Letter from Rev. Sydney Robert Elliston, Killinghall Vicarage near Harrogate [Yorkshire] to...

Ga 2 E 379

13 June 1878

Letter from Joshua Gladwyn Jebb, Douro House, Harrogate, [Yorkshire] to George Edmund Milnes...

Ga 2 E 381

5 June 1878-13 June 1878

Three copy letters between Joshua Gladwyn Jebb and Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln; 5...

Me 4 E 3


Estate book labelled ‘John Horncastle’s Book of Observations’ on tithes and land tax relating to...

Me 4 Pr 7


Printed appeal for subscriptions to fund restoration work on Blyth Church [Henry Mellish is one...

Me 4 Pr 11

post 1938

Printed pamphlet 'That it may stand' about The Church of St Mary and St Martin, Blyth...

Me 4 Pr 13


Printed flyer advertising a festival year exhibition at Blyth Church Fete, Nottinghamshire...

Me D 1/4

7 March 1226

Letter of Grace of Pope Honorius III, addressed to the Rector and Brothers of the Hospital of St...

Me D 3/2

29 October 1489

Feoffment of land in Norney and Blyth, Nottinghamshire: George Clay to Sir Gervase Clifton.



Papers of the Mellish Family of Hodsock, Nottinghamshire, c.1160-1991

Ne 5 E


Series of estate papers relating to the properties of the Dukes of Newcastle under Lyne; 1817-1922

Ne 5 E 5/1


Cultivation book for Newcastle estates in Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.1878-1883]

Ne 5 E 5/2


Cultivation book for Newcastle estates in Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.1884-1890]

Ne 5 E 5/3


Cultivation book for Newcastle estates in Nottinghamshire; n.d. [c.1907-1914]

Ne 5 E 5/4-5/4/4


Cultivation book for Newcastle estates in Nottinghamshire [with bundle of papers]; n.d. [c.1915...

Ne 6 D 1/3/1/93

20 June 1738

'Attested Copy of William Leving Esquire the Elder and William Leving the younger their...