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Ga 2 E 1383

22 February 1908

Letter from Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Henry Julian Skeffington-Smyth to George Edmund Milnes...

Ne C 4452


Pamphlet entitled "Grantham Canal Facts"; 1770=1790

Ne C 14207

November 1889 (c)

Invitation from the Provost and Fellows of Denstone College, to attend a public meeting at the...

Os C 615

1 March 1854

Letter from Rev. A.G. Campbell, Knipton, Leicestershire, to J.E. Denison; 1 Mar. n.y. [1854]

Os C 719

22 September 1868

Letter from G.H. Robinson, Carlton on Trent, Nottinghamshire,, to J.E. Denison, Ossington...

Pl C 1/211

20 March 1727

Letter from [William] Wenman to [E. Harley] 2nd Earl of Oxford, Dover Street, St James's, London...

Pl C 28/11

11 March 1767

Letter from [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland, Charles Street, London to John Woodhouse; 11...

Pl C 37/14

12 July 1746

Letter in French from P. Grandey, Shireoaks, Nottinghamshire to John Achard; 12 July 1746

Pl C 39/82


Letter [from John Cant, Grantham] to John Lucas, King's Bench Walks, Inner Temple, London; n.d...

Pl C 40/56


List, with dates, referring to estate matters in Cheshire; n.d. [1760-1770]

Pl C 50/17

24 March 1794

Letter from John Heaton, Hardwick, to [W.H.C. Bentinck] 3rd Duke of Portland; 24 Mar. 1794

Pl E1/5/4


Particular and rental for the fee farm rents of the 1st Earl of Portland, the rents of estates...

Pl E1/5/6/1-15


Particulars, rental details, lists of documents, etc. relating to lands granted in reversion to...

Pl E1/6/1


Rental of the estates of William, Duke of Portland in Cumberland, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Sussex...

Pl E1/6/2


Rental of the estates of William, Duke of Portland in Cumberland, Cheshire, Lincolnshire, Sussex...

Pl E1/6/3


The account of John Lucas, as general receiver and auditor, with the Duke of Portland; 1742-1756

Pl E1/6/4


Rental and stewards' accounts for the Duke of Portland's estates for '1755' (1753-1757); 1757

Pl E9


Title deeds and associated papers relating to the Dukes of Portland's estates in Lincolnshire...

Pl E9/1


Documents relating to the Manor of Grantham in Lincolnshire; 1674-1767

Pl E9/1/1

7 April 1677

Abstract of a lease of premises in Grantham, Lincolnshire, 7 Apr. 1677; n.d. [c.1740]