Document ReferenceUR 121-895
TitleRegistrar's Correspondence files; 1903-1954
Content DescriptionThe Registrar's Department was responsible for the administration of the University College. The correspondence files are arranged alphabetically. They cover the whole range of issues relating to the administration of the college including student affairs.

UR 180-245 has been removed from this series and now comes under the Teaching and Learning series (UCN/T).
UR 140-146, UR 150-151, UR 154-155, UR 163-165, UR 256, UR 294-296, UR 320, UR 329, UR 347-348, UR 370-378, UR 449-451, UR 499, UR 524-526, UR 543-546, UR 595-597, UR 682, UR 812-814, UR 883-884 and UR 892 have been removed from this series. They will form part of the University of Nottingham collection (UN).
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