Document ReferenceTHF/X
TitleMiscellaneous papers collected by members of the Thoroton Hildyard family; 1611-1942
Extent4 boxes
Content DescriptionThese documents are either very miscellaneous items unconnected with the main bulk of the Thoroton Hildyard papers, or they do not have a direct connection with the family or their estates, but were found with the Thoroton Hildyard collection. The series contains:

Miscellaneous deeds and documents having some connection to the Thoroton Hildyard family or their relatives (THF/X/1).

Miscellaneous deeds and documents apparently unrelated to the Thoroton Hildyard family or their relatives (THF/X/2).

Papers of Walter E. Manners (c.1951-1942), a distant cousin of the Thoroton family, acquired by his executor and legatee Myles Thoroton Hildyard. The papers of Walter Manners include original documents and correspondence relating to the Townshend family, Viscounts and Earls Sydney, purchased by Walter Manners at auction in 1915. (THF/X/3)
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