Document ReferencePw V 5
TitleBound, autograph MS miscellany volume of John Holles, 2nd Earl of Clare; n.d.
Extent179 ff
Access ConditionsMicrofilm surrogate available - readers may be required to use the microfilm in the first instance.
Content DescriptionThis, like Pw V 4, is a miscellaneous volume containing entries on a wide range of subject matter, dating from 1578-1665. Due to the miscellaneous nature of the volume there are no defined sections, and thus records of a similar nature appear at intervals throughout. These include such records as are outlined below.

The greatest number of entries are accounts, lists of stock and quantities of harvest, and inventories, usually relating to the family's Haughton and Malbeck estates. The London home in Drury Lane is also mentioned. Many are those of Holles' father, John Holles, 1st Earl of Clare (1555-1637), presumably copied from the latters own accounts.

The volume begins with a list of family and staff situated in London in May 1659. There are further lists of family, as well as staff and their wages, throughout the volume. There are even lists of keys at Malbeck for 1611. Of greater interest is a list of 'The severall births of my children, living and dead this 25 July 1656'.

There are a few brief surveys of family lands, and copies of agreements and covenants between Holles and those living on the estates. Lists of 'ould deeds' concerning Malbeck also feature, as does material concerning the enclosure of land in Basford, Nottinghamshire. There are a few legal opinions regarding family land at Yoxall, Staffordshire, along with other documents relating to the same.

Such oddities as lists of the apparel and jewels of Holles' mother at her wedding (1591-92) crop up throughout the volume. There is also a list of books taken by Holles and his brother to Cambridge, in 1611.

The verdicts of various court cases, generally regarding land maintainance, are listed.

There are extensive lists of offenders and offences relating to Sherwood Forest in the mid 17th century.

'Earl of Clare's private affairs' appears on front of volume. Below it, in a different hand, is written 'John Holles, Second Earl of Clare'.

Loose page fragments along with two indistinct seals and an original slip of paper with accounts dated up to 1665, are found in an acid free envelope at end of volume
Title Of WorkEarl of Clare's Private Affairs
ReprodnNoteVolumes from Pw V cannot be photographed by readers with their own camera or device, but reprographic copies can be supplied for educational and private study purposes only.
Physical DescriptionLarge quarto book, paginated 1 to 354.
Envelope with original fragments.
ConditionGenerally clean; some bleeding and foxing from p 174 where the paper changes.
Descriptive FeaturesWatermark: Arms of France and Navarre, approx. 135 x 60 mm (Type A, ff 1-87)

Watermark: Arms of Le Tellier; a coat of arms surmounted by a crown surrounded by chains which contains two scutcheons with the Arms of France and Navarre, beneath which is the letter L; a Maltese cross is suspended from the chain; the manuscript contains several variants of Le Tellier Coat of Arms, approx. 95 x 55 mm. (Type B, ff 88-179)

Countermark: Letters ED within oblong cartouche, approx. 14 x 35 mm (With Type B)

Italic script throughout

Ruled paper throughout with top, left and bottom margins.

Brown suede leather binding appears to be contemporary with contents; plain suede leather on paste board upper and lower covers are blind stamped with double line fillet following the edges of the four outer borders; spine is blind stamped with a set of eleven double line fillets from head to tail; a gold stamped fillet highlights the outer edges of the binding; a paper label is pasted on to the upper cover showing two inscriptions that read: 'Earl of Clare's private affairs', and 'John Holles, second Earl of Clare.'; there are four fragments of silk ties used for closing the book; reddish-brown graphing.
WatermarkArms of France and Navarre
Arms of Le Tellier
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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA970Holles; John (1595-1666); 2nd Earl of Clare; of Haughton Notts; M.P. East Retford 1624-26; succ. 16371595-1666
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