Document ReferencePw V 47/117 (ff 168r-168v)
TitleMS poem, entitled 'Rowly's Lamentacon', not ascribed; 1691
Content DescriptionA full description of the volume in which this appears can be found under the reference Pw V 47.
Text consists of 26 lines.

Dated 1691 in this manuscript.

'Sr Rowland Groin' appears in margin by line 7, referring to 'the Kings Spye' in the text.

'Sydney' appears in the margin by line 15 referring to 'the Irish Stadtholder' in the text.
Title Of WorkRowly's Lamentacon
First Line of PoemOur Faux Alexander having new Crosst the Seas
Last Line of PoemThen thus printed in Gazet for Telling of Tales
Physical DescriptionFor details of the physical evidence (paper, watermarks, binding etc) of the volume in which this item appears see the entry for Pw V 47.
Related MaterialCrum, Index, O 1266
University of Nottingham Library:Pw V 46/125
University of Nottingham Library:
Another copy of Pw V 47/117
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