Document ReferencePw V 43/3 (pp 12-31)
TitleMS poem, entitled 'The Second Satyr', not ascribed; n.d.
Content DescriptionA full description of the volume in which this appears can be found under the reference Pw V 43.
Text consists of 324 lines in 9 irregular sections. Section headings are: 'The Words of Someone Pleading in Excuse of the Usurer', 'The Authors Reply', 'The Authors Answer', 'Peacock being narrowly escaped throws the whole blame of this Misadventure on Poor Pego who in a pretty Prosopopaia Argues the Case', 'Pego's Defence', 'The Knights Answer', 'The Authors Words', 'The Argument of the Courter of the Wives of Quality', 'The Authors Words'.

Note explaining 'Procuration and Continuation' appears in margin on p 14.
Title Of WorkThe Second Satyr Of the First Book of Horace
First Line of PoemBawds, Fidlers, Whores, Buffoons of th'Age
Last Line of PoemSmirk Darnell be my Judge in this
Physical DescriptionFor details of the physical evidence (paper, watermarks, binding etc) of the volume in which this item appears see the entry for Pw V 43.
Related MaterialCrum, Index, B 35
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