Document ReferencePw V 40
TitleBound volume of MS poems; n.d.
Extent?? ff
Access ConditionsMicrofilm surrogate available - readers may be required to use the microfilm in the first instance.
Content DescriptionIndividual poems in this volume are described under references Pw V 40/1 - Pw V 40/121.
Date of 1679 is given on f 136v
ReprodnNoteVolumes from Pw V cannot be photographed by readers with their own camera or device, but reprographic copies can be supplied for educational and private study purposes only.
Physical DescriptionFolio volume
New foliation 1 to 212
Physical match: Pw V 1069 (dimensions)
ConditionGenerally good, but front cover is loose
Descriptive FeaturesWatermark: Post Horn within ornate shield surmounted by coronet, 66 x 42 mm (Type A, front flyleaves and ff 1-2)

Watermark: Fleur de lis within crowned, narrow shield, 65 x 50 mm (Type B, ff 3-63)

Countermark: none with type B.

Watermark: Arms of England with Tudor Supporters and monogram AJ (Abraham Jensen) below the arms, approx. 130 x 112 mm (Type C, ff 64-99)

Countermark: Letters TJ, cursive and ornate, approx. 20 x 36 mm (With Type C)

Watermark: Fleur de lis within crowned, narrrow shield, approx. 60 x 40 mm (Type D, ff 100-117)

Countermark: none with type D.

Watermark: Post Horn within crowned ornate shield, approx. 65 x 46 mm (Type E, ff 118-131);

Countermark: none with type E.

Watermark: Arms of England with Tudor supporters and monogram AJ below the arms, 125 x 115 mm (Type F, ff 132-137)

Countermark: letters TJ, cursive and ornate, 20 x 40 mm

Watermark: Post Horn within crowned, ornate shield, approx. 73 x 42 mm (Type G, ff 138-189).

Countermark: none with type G.

Watermark: Arms of England with Tudor supporters, i.e. rampant lion and winged dragon holding narrow crowned shield containing 3 lines passant, based on Motto Dieu et Mon Droit; with monogram AJ (Abraham Jensen) below the arms, approx. 130 x 115 mm (Type H, ff 190-209)

Countermark: Letters TJ (cursive and ornate), approx. 21 x 42 mm (With Type H)

Watermark: Post Horn within crowned, ornate shield, approx. 71 x 43 mm (Type I, ff 210-12).

Countermark: none with type I.

Perhaps script changes from f 132 to 137, see note on f 137v left top margin; see also change of hand starting on f 154v-157v; another? hand on f 159; change of hand on f 191

Written on ruled paper except for f 156 to end.

Dark brown calf leather on pasteboard with blind tooled decorations on both upper and lower covers: double fillet lines on edges of four borders; a central panel is enmarked by triple fillet lines, and a roll of flowers, branches and buds is stamped facing the centre of panels; a flower, leaf and buds tool is stamped on the four corners of the panel; spine is divided into 6 panels which empasize the 5 sewing ridges; panels are enmarked by double fillet lines; letter T is blind stamped in centre of top panel; wax seals of first Earl of Ponfret added to both front and back covers, for reference on seals, see pencil note on front flyleaf.
Fleur de lis
Arms of England
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