Document ReferencePw V 37/163 (p 137)
TitleMS poem, identified as one stanza from 'The Libel Of Oxford', by Thomas Buckley, composed c.1564; n.d.
Content DescriptionA full description of the volume in which this appears can be found under the reference Pw V 37.
Text consists of 4 lines. [stanza 49 in Bodl. Tanner MS 465 and 51 in Alnwick Castle MSS 508-509].
Title Of WorkOn Mr Key that used often to bee somewhat too familiar with Mrs Locke
First Line of PoemThere is a Key of long time knowne
Last Line of PoemIn every Lock it plaies a feate
Physical DescriptionFor details of the physical evidence (paper, watermarks, binding etc) of the volume in which this item appears see the entry for Pw V 37.
Related MaterialUniversity of Nottingham Library:
Bodleian Tanner MS 465; Marsh's Library, Dublin MS Z3 5 21; Alnwick Castle MSS 508-09; Rosenbach Library MS 1083/15, pp. 82-89
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