Document ReferencePw V 37/161 (p 137)
TitleMS poem, identified as one stanza from 'The Libel Of Oxford', by Thomas Buckley, composed c.1564; n.d.
Content DescriptionA full description of the volume in which this appears can be found under the reference Pw V 37.
Text consists of 4 lines. [stanza 18 in Bodl. Tanner MS 465 and Alnwick Castle MSS 508-509].
Title Of WorkOn Dr Bailey his wife a Physitian who lay with Mr Veale
First Line of PoemI silly clowne what can I tell
Last Line of PoemWho commonly do feed on Veale
Physical DescriptionFor details of the physical evidence (paper, watermarks, binding etc) of the volume in which this item appears see the entry for Pw V 37.
Related MaterialUniversity of Nottingham Library:
Bodleian Tanner MS 465; Marsh's Library, Dublin MS Z3 5 21; Alnwick Castle MSS 508-09; Rosenbach Library MS 1083/15, pp. 82-89
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