Document ReferencePw V 128
TitleVolume containing details in French of the financial affairs of France; 1765
Extent96 ff
Content DescriptionTitled 'Etat actuel des Affaires Générales concernant les finances du Royaume de France .... 1765'; provides details in relation to 3 areas; 1) the normal income and expenditure of the king; 2) extraordinary finances from 1755 to 1763 in connection with the war against England; 3) exceptional revenue raised annually in favour of court of Rome, the bishops, dukes, counts and peers etc; includes introductory comment giving the context as well as observations in relation to the different revenue areas.
Termfinancial affairs, France
ReprodnNoteVolumes from Pw V cannot be photographed by readers with their own camera or device, but reprographic copies can be supplied for educational and private study purposes only.
Physical DescriptionQuarto volume
Contemporary pagination 1 to 176 does not include 6 front folios of index, and 2 blank folios at the end of the volume.
ConditionCondition of paper is good; condition of binding - spine is missing
Descriptive FeaturesHeawood, nos. 710-716

Watermark: Arms of the Marquis de Pomponne, approx. 103 x 98 mm (see Heawood)

Countermark: Letters MGIS, approx. 13 x 58 mm; also the date 1742.

Professional fair copy in italic script.

Card covered with thick embossed paper printed with a checkered pattern in turquoise and gold colours; centre of upper and lower covers has a red leather label gold stamped with the letter P surmounted by a coronet; spine cover is missing.
WatermarkArms of the Marquis of Pomponne
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