Document ReferencePw A 1080/1-2
TitleFragment of a letter in French from Jean de Robéthon to William Bentinck, 1st Earl of Portland; n.d. [1706]
Extent3 ff
Content DescriptionStates that he has no objections if Portland wishes to show the letter to other friends in addition to Lord Sunderland [giving as examples, Lord Stamford and the Duke of [Somerset] noting that he would also add Lord Halifax, if he did not anticipate that he would already have seen it]; however requests that no copies be given out; notes his impatience for a reply to his letter; comments that it is not necessary for M. de [Schutz?] to know about the letter, noting that it is not included in his packet and that he believes him to be in the country.

Comments that if, having taken such good measures within the kingdom in relation to the matter of the succession, ministers also wished to do the same outside and enter a treaty for the succession with Holland, the [Emperor] and the principal allies, this would demonstrate their good intentions; notes that it would be best if this was done while the war is going on, as France will easily raise obstacles if the matter is postponed until the end of the peace confederation, since France will then have ministers at every court.

Urges Portland to discuss the matter with his friends; hopes he knows M. de Bernstorf well enough to understand that, with regard to the affairs of England, it is fortunate that he has entered the Elector's service, being first minister after the Comte de [Plateu]; reports that he is very well informed about England and the interests of that house; comments that M de Schutz does everything he can to promote the right ideas and that M de [Howe] equally acquits himself with all the zeal of an honest and well-intentioned man; ends with hope that he will be as pleased with them as they are with him.

This fragment may be the final page of Pw A 1079/1-2.

Pw A 1080/2 is a paper simply carrying the date 1708.

The letter is not dated; the date provided is based on that of Pw A 1079/1-2.
Termroyalty, succession, Britain
foreign relations, with France
wars, War of Spanish Succession

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CodePersonNameDates of existence
NA30385Spencer; Robert (1641-1702); 2nd Earl of Sunderland1641-1702
NA31104Grey; Thomas (1654-1720); 2nd Earl of Stamford; statesman1654-1720
NA30321Bernstorff; Andreas G. von (1649-1726); Count Bernstorff; Minister of Celle1649-1726
NA19598George I (1660-1727); King of Great Britain and Ireland1660-1727
NA29438Joseph I (1678-1711 ); Holy Roman Emperor; ( styled King of the Romans until 1705)1678-1711
NA31106Seymour; Charles (1662-1748); 6th Duke of Somerset1662-1748
NA25767Saville; George (1633-1695); 1st Marquess of Halifax; cr. Baron Saville of Eland 1668; cr. Earl of Halifax 1679; cr. Marquess of Halifax 16821633-1695
NA29378Howe; Emanuel S. (-1709); Esq.; Envoy Extraordinary to Hanover 1705-9-1709
NA30340Schütz; G.L.G. (fl 1688-1707); Baron von Schütz von Holzhausen; ambassador for Brunswick-Celle in Londonfl 1688-1707
NA31107Plateau; - (fl 1706); Count of Plateaufl 1706
NA30322Robéthon; Jean de (-1722); chief secretary of 1st Earl of Portland; personal secretary of William III 1698-1702; secretary to Duke of Celle 1702-1705-1722
NA1043Bentinck; H. William (1649-1709); 1st Earl of Portland; diplomat and adviser of William of Orange; alias Hans Willem1649-1709
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